Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 Months Left,,,, Can you believe it?

My dearest Mom and Dad,

First off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I sure hope you have a great one and it sounds like you guys had a great family party. I’m glad to hear its warmin up a lil. And thanks for the talk, the lil I read sure helped already. So ill answer your questions first. (plus not to much happened this week to talk about.)As for the package, I received the very sweet one from grandma and it was SWEET!!! So be sure to give her a big hug and thanks from me, and to tell The lundskog fam thanks for the sweet shirt too :0) but the package had everything I need, so im sittin very well. So anything you think of would be great, some pics would be nice;0) things are good here tho… so mom, you talked of the dump day package, haha thrunky??? Me too occasionally, I will honestly say, that gets me through the tough days sometimes, knowin in a short while…. Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the work, But in the dump day package some more contact solution would be nice, just to be safe, I have 1 full bottle from grandmas package and also have about 1/3 bottle left. So don’t worrie till then. I was offered a big worm to eat but saved it and have it wrapped up to bring to you guys haha. I couldn’t eat it, it just smelled like grass. But im pretty sure ive eatin much worse, ha… I wear a 7 ¼ hat size.
So I hope that answers all. If not… next week. So dad, I really enjoyed your quote, its true too, sometimes were hard on ourselves, expecting to be perfect now, but that’s what this life is for… workin on perfection. So as we do our best I’ve learned the lord is pleased. A quote I really like is from the Late Elder wirthlin, “we are created as much out of the dust of eternity as we are out of the dust of the earth, and with that we have potential we can hardly imagine.” And one from the last mission conference I really liked from pres monsen “find joy in the journey for you only get to take it once.” And the one from me this week “keep things around you that make you smile, for you can get through anything in this ol life with a smile…”
So those are my thoughts, along with 1 ne 9: last verse
I really don’t have any stories for you this week, just broadly its been cool to see how the Lord is blessing us with solid new investigators, it seems like everyone we teach just leads us to someone else, I feel pretty dang blessed to be here… I still love relating things to baseball and hunting, we went on exchanged twice this week and it was way sweet, I learned a lot and had a stroger desire to just play ball, quit worri’n about lil things, just step out on the field and play with all my heart, leaving it all out there. Its like here when you worrie about the small lil things is like when you get up to bat thinking about are my feet right, my elbow down, whats he going to throw… it doestn work, just step up, relax and hit what comes at ya, if he beens you, smile, maybe wink at him, and then make him pay….
Godwin and pricilla continue to do great, they are workin for the temple now, they introduced us to his brother malvin who is less active, and his wife is not a member, we taught the restoration to her and she loved it, and then wathched the dvd of the restoration and they loved it too... so we'll see what the lord has in store.

So mom, happy birthday, tell beemer too. I sure love you guys and will deffinatly talk to ya soon. Have a wonderful week and know your son loves you and prays for you always, and im doing really good, so don’t worrie, just enjoy the warmth as it comes and this lil journey in our lifes. I love you.
Your son.
Elder bwilde

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from South Africa

My Dearest Mom and Dad,

WOOOO!!!! I received a SUPER SWEET package this week and I'm going to have a Great thanksgiving, they don’t celebrate it here, and I'm not in an area with couple missionary's so we will be on our own for thanksgiving, but with the sweet package you sent, we’re going to have cake at night and probably buy a chicken dinner at kfc. Ill let ya know, but it sounds like you have a great week planned… so keep me posted.

That was sweet to hear about Austin and also that Danette is doing good. And also that the whole family is doing well, its cool to think in a couple transfers I should be hearing really good news about a new lil niece…

So mom and dad, the package was so sweet, I'm truly grateful, it carried so much love to me here in Africa, you don’t even know, the ring fits perfectly mom, and all the candy and really good cereal was just perfect too… Ive already started to enjoy it lots. All the church news are good to, I've been reading em lots. The Reese's pieces are the best and I have been snacking on those lots… the ricks study reference book was so sweet, I'm already using it lots… I cant believe I didn’t study more back home…but anyways its just so nice to have some normal stuff to eat… but mom, grandma was asking for some ideas, if she is still sending something some vitamins, socks, and more contact solution would be great, if not, its no problem. I'm very well set. So thank you so very much. I WISH I COULD TRULY TELL YOU… so I will when we talk in a few weeks.

I'm putting together a small package for you guys… so we’ll see, it just has a couple lil things in it. Mom, get a nice ipod, and for the wii, ask dad, haha, you know I think it’d be fun… but I should’t have to much say…

So as for some stories, first off, it was really sad to hear about Pres. Blackburn, especially after talking with him so much when he worked on my toes about mission, its really weird to think about, but I'm glad to hear the family is doing well, if you get a chance send my regards… I will keep them in my prayers… Something tho, elder rod and I talked for about an hour Friday night just about death and looked through scriptures and stuff, and it was just a really good study, I found a quote that basically says that death is just as necessary as birth is in this Great plan of God. And that its just another step onto the way to Eternal life… and Rod shared how peaceful and comfortable it would be to shake off a body that has pain and age in it. So its cool to think how we talked about it and then I hear this today, not that its bad, but anytime we hear of a friend or really anyone passing on its pretty darn tough, so im greatful for the knowledge our Heavenly Father has blessed us to have…

On to a lighter note, The work is Going absolutely Great this week, things just continue to progress, the Holidays are throeing a wretch into things but its good, we helped a family prepare for a party, and rod and I grated tomato's, like 100 or so, haha, it was so funny to have all the Go’go’s laughing at the white guys doing women's work… haha. They loved it tho. As for a funny story, we had a lady feed us liver and potato's, hahaha, liver blah, but the funny part was while we were eating, after about the second bite, I see rod look at me like “what is this” so I turn to sister Peggy and ask “this is liver right? (bcuz I've had it before and I did’t like it)” haha, she nodded her head and I see rod shiver thinking he has to finish his plate. Haha, he just shook his head at me and after said “you couldn’t wait until after we were done to ask that…” haha we both laughed about it tho. So there is a fun story. (yes I struggled to finish my plate too, but we both did.) this lady who fed us dinner is bringing lots of people to church so its so sweet.

Well, anyways there was lots that happened this week but I guess you'll have to wait and well go through my journal sometime, I'm already out of time. But mom and dad, I sure love you with all my heart and pray you guys continue to be guided in our heavenly fathers hands… thanks again so much for that sweet package… you guys are truly the best, and Elyse said something I really liked “its sure great that families are eternal huh” and its true, with that ill close.
I love you and miss you so much,
Talk to ya soon
Elder Bradey Wilde :0)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Letters from Bradey

My Dearest Mom and Dad,
So I want to take care of some business first this time… We will have to probably talk more on Christmas… but we went shopping today and I bought a way sweet nativity, its just one piece of wood carved into the nativity, and I also bought another one that is 10 different lil wood carved pieces, its not as nice, but it was the only two styles they had so I got one of each, also, the one piece is way to heavy to send home so it will be 9 months probably. I also bought a way sweet chess set that’s carved out of stone, so I think you’ll like it, haha nerdy I know… and then mom, I got an eternal family with mom and dad and 3 kids. Its small but sweet, I wll try and get them home in a package. So now just let me know what else, there is tons of animal skins, lil rock or wood carvings, the animals that hold up a set of books… and lots of necklaces and bracelets, we’ll be going back in three weeks, and if you want any animal skins and wood masks or drums, or even a lil Noah's ark. Anyways let me know. Its all not to expensive either.
Well, some stories for the week… We helped sister Winnie make some chicken intestines, you can imagine. Speaking of making food, I'm the official breakfast maker of the flat… haha omelets or French toast every other morning, haha. So dad… just trying to follow your footsteps. Also as for a funny story: we went into the library here in saulsville looking for Tosca who ditched our appointment, and we walk into the study room and found about 1000 eyes (500 black people) looking at the to white men… haha, I gave them the shap (thumbs up) and they just stared and turned the pages of their books, it was the most awkward feeling I’ve ever had… haha. You can imagine… I also broke mission rules this week… well not really me, but I was forced to haha. So now that your worried. We have been teahing two lil twin boyz tiego and tisetso, who stay with their grandma Peggy, and their mom stays about 30 min away in mamalodi. She was at our appointment and we had last time givin her a bom, so when she saw us this time, she came up and just gave us a big hug and then she kissed our cheek. Haha, she was so excited… it was funny, usually the kisses we get are from old go go’s or drunk baba’s. As for spiritual, we had a great talk on the temple and atonement yesterday, I really enjoyed the quote “we come to church Sunday to learn of Jesus Christ, but in the temple we come to know him face to face.” And the best lesson was with Remember and Chris or Godwin and Priscilla, time is short so I will have to tell you next time tho… they are doing really good tho.We also played baseball/cricket in the street this week, it was so funny to have all the lil kids laughing and screaming. Mom, that was scary about the snow storm, I'm glad prayers are being answered. E. Rod and I are together until at least after Christmas… WOOO!!! That’s so cool what your doing for Christmas, and I should be getting that other package when the missionary's come back from transfers. So mom, and dad, I hope you enjoy this lil note and that you have a wonderful week, I pray our Heavenly Father will continue to guide your every Footstep… I sure love you guys… and will talk to ya soon
Love your son
Elder Bradey Lee Wilde.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bowhunting in Africa

Dear Mom, Dad, and My dear bowhunting brothers and family,
haha, well first off, dad and blake, Brandon, I totally understand and am happy that you weren’t able to email me, that’s what I was hoping for, that your having a great time “and cannot come down” as pres ukdorf would say, haha. But really I know you love me and I sure hope your enjoying the good ol bowhunt knowin next year ill be there!!! :0)
to answer some quick questions mom, transfers are next week, news is on Saturday im GREAT this week the only one that might go is elder kinto and as for today we might go to a traditional Africa party (lds style(that means no ancestral worship haha) ) but they will slaughter a sheep and have a big feast, I dunno yet tho… it would be fun. Sister Winnie… wow, we had a movie night at the church and watched the testaments and it went great, Winnie loved it and the spirit had the same effect if not more on her than that like everyone else, she cried through it… but it was great she will have her interview tonight and should be baptized this SUNDAY!!! :0) so if that’s the case my heart will be brim with joy! Her granddaughter Maxine is doing great too, man, she is understanding the Bom better than some missionaries and has incredible insights. She has to wait at least 3 months tho because she is only 13. But what was even more cool is we went on exchanges with our zone leaders, I went with elder nelson, he’s way cool, and we worked in town (flordia and roodeport) but what was the best is that not only did I get to drive a lil diesel truck (which I want to look for when I get home, it’s a lil 4 cylnder diesel and gets as good as gas milege as a car… its so sweet) but we checked on a referral and it was winnies niece and lil sister! Haha I walked in the door and was like do I know you? So that was really cool, elder nelson said he will probably put them on date next time they see them…
mom, I enjoyed your insight from the bom, as I was reading that I even thought “hey I bet this is how my mom feels :0) ” haha, so I really liked it if you want you can read my patriacle blessing and see how that applies.
As for some insights from me : in gospel principles we learned about how the family can be eternal which is one of my most favorite topics! There was a quote by a prophet that said “the most important of the Lords work you will do, will be the work you do within the walls of your own home.” It was a great lesson and I just really enjoyed thinkin about all of us… ill let you ponder that.
Also I enjoyed 1 nephi 17: 21 (dads advice) don’t look back. Make a decision and go with it, I applied it to mission, but we see how lamen and lameul look back and get depressed and mad thinkin of the could of’s and would haves, but if we just look forward and rely on the lord, the only reason to look back is to smile and remember precious memories.
So there is my teachings haha.
Well as for me, not much more to say im doing great here and the work is also. So its sweet! Rollin up on a year which is cool too… but the only problem, I almost want to fly home and punch those duche bags from magna in the face!!! Seriously tho… I will pray for some deer to attack them… im sorry about that… but really… what duches, dad, I hope youll still want to take me up on gentry when I get back… man…
But fam… I gotta get goin on this party day, good luck on the rest of the bowhunt and I hope school and things all go great, know your wildeboy here loves you guys so dang much and miss you tons, so just keep on keepin on and know ill be thinkin and prayin for you as I labor here in the lords vineyard.
I love you guys so much and hope you have a WONDERFUL week.
Love your son, brother, and grandson, and …
Elder Bradey Wilde

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Huntin in Africa

My Dear Mom and Dad and Family,
Hey so I hope your doing great, im really excited for the Package mom and dad and I Loved the voice mails, they were AWSOME and it was great to hear your voice and whats going on and even Winnie barking, hahaha.
Well guys, as for this week it was pretty rough, but good too…
Just a cool story, sister Winnie who is going to be baptized this month said she’s been feeling like there are evil spirits in her home and has been having lots of bad dreams, even on her street there has been about 10 funerals in the past month, so elder mutesasira and I decided we should dedicate her home, elder mutesa said a beautiful prayer and Winnie has said her home as been peaceful and quiet ever since… it was sweet, she is at peace now and just loves to sit and read the BoM. So there is my cool story, and we found her by what we called inspired tracting, we had free time, prayed for what house to go to, she was one of 2 that we chose and you can see how the lord prepares his children to meet us, she hadn’t been to church and the day we found her she said she had been praying to get back to being spiritual, we walked in while she was reading the bible, she said that is the best thing she could think of doing, pray and reading. So its been really cool to visit with her.
for the bowhunt 1 Nephi 16:14 also there is one in 1 Nephi 17 that says “arise and get thee into the mountain, haha” made me smile a lil
Spiritually mormon 9 : 27 I just liked it, especially with the standard of truth,
Also alma 26:27 this is my scripture for the week, I love a quote from joseph smith “I made this my rule: When the lord commands, DO IT.”
i really hope that waht you said about the rm in julies ward can be said about me, "what an accomplishment" and tell granma thanks for that great prayer...
Well, you wanted me to tell you about the area, its very famous and nelson mandelas old house is in our area, Look Soweto up on the internet and you’ll see a lot, there is so much history here and it’s the most famous township in Africa. I would take more pictures to send home but it’s a lil scary carring a camera on a bike, we get the car one day a week so ill get some pics for yall, but its basically lots of houses close together and there is always someone burning trash somewhere, its funny. The houses are small, some areas are squatter camps, where its just houses made out of anything you can find with tires and stuff holding the roofs on, we don’t do much work in there unless there are referrals… lets just say ill have some good stories to tell ya in about a year…. But the area is sweet and everyone is not white, the lil kids are the best, I love them so much, we always play soccer in the street with them and do magic tricks and stuff, then there are the really drunk baba’s (old men) that are stubling around all day, even at like 10 in the morning, but the best is that everyone is super friendly and always says hi to the malungu and lastly if you can try and look up house music, its basically just weird techno bass stuff, and that is blaring out of almost every third house, so you can imagine how weekends are here, don’t worrie tho, were smart and we are safe. The work is deffinatly improving a lot tho, its sweet.
Well guys I have to draw this to a close, I sure do love you and hope all of you have a great week. But really happy bowhunt and happy birthday dad, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and know your lil bro, son, is praying for you and thinking of you over here in Africa, I sure do love you and miss each one of you,
Elder Bradey Wilde.
ps the weather is really nice, i havent been cold for a while now, it actually is already gettin hot, and thanks for the update on the yankees, thats so sweet!!! i always give my misson pres a hard time for bein a boston fan.