Monday, April 27, 2009

Egg number Four
Newest Member of the Family "Badger"
Mother Sitting on eggs.

My Dearest Dad, Mom, and Family…
Things are going great for me, I cant complain one bit… other than today we did play like 3 hours of soccer and you know how much I love soccer. Haha. I really didn’t play that bad tho, we lost to an African team 2 to 0. and I gotta run lots so it was nice.
I gotta sweet Easter package from the heaps fam. It was so awesome, so if you talk with them give them a huge thanks from me and tell em it put a good smile on my face,
Now for some scriptures Proverbs 3:5-6 our area presidency was privileged to speak with President Monsen at Conference and this is the scripture he told them for the south Africa south east area. So it was really cool and really good huh. D&C 68:6 :o) And lastly, Alma 10:4 just this scripture…I have a note on the side that says “I’m kindove a big deal… people know me.” Haha just a funny lil one.
And as for some stuff that might make ya say yikes :’o( So this week I tried chicken livers for the first time, they were actually really good ( and well cooked) but for the one I almost cryed was we had pap and chicken skins… haha it was pretty rough, pap isn’t bad (you might have to look it up, its like how we eat potato's, they eat pap, its grounded up corn or something, haha, it has no flavor but is good to eat with meat and stuff.)
As for last p-day, it was so awesome… haha. If you looked up the park, the 2 best coasters are the Anaconda and the tower of terror, and we road them both lots, cuz there was no line, they ended up making us wait 15 minutes between rides to let our hearts and stuff slow down I guess. Haha. The anaconda is awesome and is probably the only ride that I would say is up with the best if not better at lagoon… but that’s it. the rest are kindove lame rids that you get at county fairs. Haha. But we rode the anaconda till we were all sick… for reals, I had to lay down and get my feet back on the ground. But it was way fun and a great way to take a break from the work. So as for your questions and stuff. First off… as for pictures. I loved em. Haha. The picture our sweet new puppy is so cute man, I just wanted to pet it and play around, so I’ll be lookin forward to hiking and playin and all that. Its so dang cute. Badger, haha, that’s sweet, so badger Winnie and Sadie. Haha, Dad, im glad you got somthin to have some fun with, cuz the yard and house looked perfect if you ask me, haha celestial kingdom on the mission flat grading scale. Haha. (there is a missionary joke for ya.) but really, I say the green grass and was like …. Its perfect. Haha. Here everything is going grey and yellow and all the leaves are gone, and its chilly here, but probably warmer than what it is back there huh? And yes mom im glad I never shot any robins, haha, the pics you sent are sweet, I cant believe there is 4 eggs now. And tell Ryan congrats for getting hitched. Tell Brandon hey and I hope the mine competitions go well. I’ll be excited to hear about em. Bralin looked so good at her dance performance, man I wish I could’ve seen it, but soon I will.
Well guys. As for stories this week. I honestly don’t have much. We should have some baptisms coming up the next couple weeks. If all goes well. The work is great and were actually trying to change our teaching pool a lil, rotate some jokers with non jokers. The lessons are going great and members give us lots of referrals. Its so sweet. I feel so blessed to be in this area at this time. I Feel like were planting loads of seeds and we’ll be harvesting just a few pretty soon.
Zone conference is this week so I’ll have some cool things from that. But really im sorry I don’t have more experiences to tell ya this week… its just been just good ol regular week of missionary work. Lots of lil miracles each day. Its going great though. We did watch the testaments with our French non member family and the Grandma (mary) was crying and crying and just said, in French something about our Savior calling us by name, and how that will be. It was cool, and an amazing thing to ponder about… so that was a sweet experience, she would be baptized put is moving back to the DRC (congo) in the next week, so I guess just a referral. Haha.
Well mom and dad, and family, I sure do love you guys with all my heart, and am super excited to chat with you on mothers day. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and enjoy this lil email. I sure do love your emails and all your prayers for me. I sure do feel them… and am so blessed from all your sacrifices. So just know, I love you with all I have, and miss you just as much… and I always always pray for you and keep a pray in my heart for you all day everyday. I’ll be lookinforward to hearin from ya soon.
Elder Bradey Wilde