Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's been a long week.

We finally got an email from Bradey. Seems the days go by so slowly when you are missing your son. He does sound great in the letter though.

Hey Mom and dad and fam, (Wildeboyz)
For now this will be the last time i will email from the mtc. I am out of here on the 24 ( wed.) Tuesday we'll be going to the temple and then were out the next day. Sunday (tomorrow) ill be going to the mission presidents house to meet everyone and have dinner with the pres. its for all the joberg missionary's :) I'm pretty excited. Ive already met our mission mom... she was way nice and was excited to get to know me better. To answer moms questions. I'm Great... i did have a sweet dream about home last night... seriously. so i was a lil homesick this morning. Just like you said, i miss you tons, but am doing the right thing and doing my best...working my guts out. i will know where ill be serving and who my new comp. is on wed. and as for now my comp is African. Elder Muhwazi. good luck pronouncing in. i still don't think i have any of their names right. My cloths are great. i still haven't had to wear everything. I'm getting good at laundry but horrible at ironing. so i don't. The food here all tastes the same. i took some pictures of the meals i actually enjoyed. so ill show ya. Just FYI all your advice is in my head all day. I live by: work hard, never quit, be confident and follow the rules so I'm doing well. just some more fun facts, i sewed on my first button today. and also I've decided the reason i didn't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at home is cuz they are my FAVORITE food here :) i eat like two a day.... one for my 10:00 snack. Dad i have to say i really really enjoy your letters and advice and stories. I'm jealous i wasn't there to get charged by a moose :) and I'm excited to hear all the new stores. Tell Blake that i really enjoy his email and wish i could write more. i will on Monday i miss you guys more than anything and really love you tons. I want you to know I'm doing great and am in very high spirits. i know its cuz all your prayers and all the love you guys have shown me and do show me. but my comp keeps checking his watch and taking deep breaths hahaha. so i gotta go. tell everyone i love them and they mean a ton to me. i hope your all doing well and i hope y'all enjoy your Saturday... i love y'all tons and pray for ya always. i have to close with my favorite line. "Have a wonderful day" Love you guys. I'm excited for when i can write more and not sound like I'm in a hurry.
Ill TTYl
Love you
Elder B.Wilde.