Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally received some snail mail.

His letter seemed so positive. He said that things are going great there. And that he has some great Elders that he has spent his time with in the MTC.  Elders Jones, Torgerson, Anapol, Wilder.  That's funny that there is a Wilde and an Wilder.  Wonder how that has been in the MTC.  He said it's very pretty there and has some of the craziest birds. He is trying to get some pictures of them.  He did mention that there is allot of homes and buildings with razor wire around them.  He said that he misses the mountains but that it is a different pretty there. He's been out on some splits and learning how to just share his testimony to the people.  He already is learning some great lessons.  If only we could all be so brave.  He loves to get any mail from anyone. So please fill free to write him a note and just let him know that you are thinking of him.  Thank goodness for email but it still so nice to have an actual letter from him.  Isn't life great?