Monday, September 29, 2008

New Area: But No New Pic's

Thought I would add a picture of Bradey playing with the dam dye since we didn't get any new pictures this time. He's Checking for dam leakage. Ha Ha.
He sent another letter after this one and he seems to be doing good. He did break his camara tho. Seems like that happens alot to this guys. Better get one in the mail to him. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will add his new address if you want to drop him a note.
Thanks Kathy

My Dearest Family...Ha Ha
Hey. Just to start off I'm sitting in a lil Internet cafe that is slower than all get out. So well see what I can send. First the area is called Molepolole in Botswana the area has just been opened in April and we are the second set of missionary's to come in. We have been told we are partially opening an area and also splitting it as I said it started in April of this year and we have about 15 members but only around five or eight show up on Sundays, we are considered a branch and our branch pres is a missionary in our flat ( our house) we rent a day care center to have church. My comp/trainer is Elder Adongo. He is from Kenya and is cool. I have lots of news but not enough time. Right now I'm in a "village" or basically a area the size of Price but with only one main road and lots and lots of dirt roads I have to say we pray everyday for the water to be on. The first day here was so rough. when we got here the first day the water was off and the power. But now we have water, just no hot water. I don't care tho cuz at least we have water and it regularly hits 95 deg. I've been keeping your advice and working hard and trying to smile all the time even when things are hard. I'm sorry that this letter seems a lil down but things are pretty rough right now. Its a hard but rewarding life as a missionary. I've never cryed so much in my life, every time I bear testimony or think to much of you guys. But as for the family this is most the information I can think of. Thanks for all your prayers, they have helped so much. I will keep Praying and looking forward to next week. I love you guys more than words can ever explain.
Love you
Elder Wilde