Monday, October 13, 2008

Just some things about Botswana

We received an Email from Bradey today and he enlightened us on some of the things that he gets to deal with everyday. It's all good though. Here is some of the email he wrote:
As for now, I'll answer your questions. I'm doing great, just doing my best and praying lots. As for my camera it is fixed and I should get it sometime this week. It cost me 400 pula or about 68 dollars. So not bad. It got a new lens and mechanism to make the lens work. Sounds like your fishing trip was crazy, really cold, I cant believe it, ha ha it never gets below 80 here. I'm always sweating. But the area is pretty crazy, they are like 100 years behind us in technology and everything, there is lots of lil shacks with no running water and this is the normal. Very few people have nice houses and yards. They sweep the dirt like we mow our lawns. There is grasshoppers the size of MY middle finger, crazy huh, I'm serious, and spiders back home can't be called spiders, you should see the ones here, ha ha yikes I'm afraid my foot won't smash them, but the lord blessed me with 13s for a reason eh. But last of all the lizards here would give Winnie a run for her money. For reels, they are ridiculous. But its cool. I'll try and get some pics with my camera this week.
But as for news now, I will be giving a talk at Zone conference this week, so I'm a lil stressed, but things are really good, I love studying the gospel so much. An hour is not enough time at all. The BOM is awesome and has helped lots. I just finished Reading about the Stripling Warriors. .. sweet, they are Men I hope I can be compared to one day. My comp is Elder Adongo from Kenya, the other two in our flat are Elder Giddy from Cape Town and Elder Hagen from the D.C. area. Its been really good for me, I'm lots more confident and just take your advice everyday, work hard and have no regrets, and that's my goal. My comp is cool but still has a hard time expressing himself or understanding me. I just don't think he is real good with English, but we get along well. He says I've been his favorite comp so far. Wildeboyz, we've been taught well. Dad I'm getting well settled in, we have lots of teaching opportunities, and its just the people don't really understand, but its going better, all were here for is to present the doctrine and let the spirit do the real work. without the spirit were nothing. You guys should know I'm not homesick, I will admit I think of you guys allot, but not in a sad way, in a way that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and makes me work harder.
But I gotta go email others. I love you guys so much and miss you just as much, your always in my prayers and thoughts.
I hope your doing well and enjoy my emails, I know I blah a bit, but I hope you know it's with good intention, I will admit I'm starting to feel a lil nerdy, we played basketball and I was super sore and corky, but it was way fun. I think it's ok to be nerdy for the next two years, but ya'll will have to whip me back into shape when I get home. I love you guys and wish you the best this week.
Elder Bradey Wilde