Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling Like an Extended Camping Trip

My dearest Mom and dad,
I'm not going to have time to write both of you today,I'm doing great, and no i haven't got the package yet, it should be this week tho after talking with our area mom. Also mom, be sure to keep the tracking number and put missionary supplies on it with some stickers or pics of Jesus. don't worry tho. i got four letters from grandma. they were amazing, i just mailed one to you and one to her. :) my camera is in my hands again and working great :) Mom thanks for the sweet letter wit the pic of beemer. it was way sweet, i really enjoyed it. as for eatin, I'm doing my best, i have eggs or cereal for breakfast, or french toast, then peanut butter and honey for the rest of the day, occasionally pasta. and my vitamin of course, and usually bananas or apples. the selection is just very poor. ha ha. i miss simple foods that i took for granted back home. as for weight, i haven't lost much more, Daddy o i really really agree about the rifle elk hunting, i would really love to go up where you did when you were 16 so ill be holding ya to that, getting all the wildeboyz up for an sweet elk hunting trip... i can only imagine and i cant wait, ill just continue dreaming ha ha.

Well guys, I'm settling in... finally, we are finally seeing some of our efforts pay off. I cant believe what has happened with this family. They are the Modiakotla family. Mom and dad with four boys, from 10 to 18 yrs old. they are amazing, the 18 yr old already is wanting to be baptized and the only thing holding him back is we have to finish the lessons, he wants us over every night, i can honestly tell you this is WHY I'M HERE. this family, they are so interested and have came to church every week since we met, we also teach with a member named SANTI that has been helping teach and most important fellowships, the kids love him as much as they do us. Its so cool to see how the Lord prepares a way for his elect to receive the gospel. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be a tool in the lords hand. I cant believe how all the pieces fit PERFECTLY together when the Lord has a hand in it. I pray this family continues to do well, and I'm excited to be able to tell you the whole story in the future. But other than this family, there is minor success, just people that will listen but not follow through, but we just keep working our hardest. I don't feel like i really got trained, but I'm doing very well and feel good still. I already told you about food, we did get offered mahodoo which is like liver and stuff inside intestine, just to gross you out :) but we politely declined and the man understood, " i wouldn't eat if i didn't grow up with it either, i understand ha ha"
i got super sunburned but found some sunscreen in gabs. But mom and dad, your testimony's were so sweet and made mine even stronger, i really loved and enjoyed them. Its amazing what we come to know in a lifetime. I can tell you my testimony is so much stronger, i taught the gospel principals lesson and felt like i didn't even think, the words just flowed... what was scary was my accent totally changed... people actually said they understood everyword. it was crazy to hear. plus when i bore testimony of the spirit, and how important and how much comfort and guidance and protection it brings into your life i was amazed with how much i was touched and comforted by the spirit. I can tell you that is why I'm still here, is from all your prayers, fasting, and having my name in the temple. I have felt so much strength and comfort from the spirit. and its what I'm so grateful for. and i know that the spirit has protected and comforted me so much already, thanks so much for all your prayers. as for a scripture i liked, i finished Reading about the stripling warriors, that's enough said, its one of my favorite stories Ive ever read.So thanks a ton for the pics mom, they brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Gentry was so pretty, i was so glad i got to spend a week up there with dad and the wildeboyz.but brand and jac, blake, emily, and beemer, I'm sorry i don't have time to write ya each personally this week but i will write yall next week for sure, know i love you tons and think about you lots, and pray for you even more, but i hope you enjoy the pictures, Well family, this is it, tell stevo and nick whats up on my blog, i don't have their emails yet.

But as i close i just want to say i love you guys so much, Everyone of you, Mom. dad. brandon. jacque, beemer (thanks so much for the sweet picture by the way, it made my day) blake, em. and Grandma. I pray you guys can feel my immense love and respect. and i know that you can, cuz i sure can feel yours. I pray you guys are doing well and don't worry. I was going to send a picture of the spider that was as big as my palm but i dint wanna freak blake out to much. but as for fun stuff on the area there is not much. the picture gives the idea of all the goats and the simple houses and shacks. but i hope your doing well. thanks so much for all you do. The reason I'm who i am today and what i know today is because of you guys and your example and love.
I love you guys so much and hope you have a wonderful week.
Your son, Brother, Brother in law, and uncle.
Elder Bradey Wilde.