Monday, October 27, 2008

We got to talk on MSN. Yes!!!!

Before you read Elder Wilde's update I thought I would say that he really is good.
I was able to talk to him sorta live through MSN for a little while. It was so nice.Even though it was three o'clock in the morning. It was worth every minute of it. It was like being there. He is doing well. Positive and making the best of having to iron, Ha Ha. They have no dryer.
Hey mom, dad, family, especially the wildeboyz and their sweet darlings, and of course beemer. Well, another week and I'm doing great, I'm starting to get used to the bassackwards land of driving, i drove lots this week and will be sending, trying to send a video of it next week. it was good to hear about Stephen, this work is hard but he better not quit, he's less than one flight and he can get home, i would have to fly for two days. but it makes me feel lots better to know i wasn't the only one struggling and that maybe i helped him out.Dad, i want that sweet pic you were talking about of us hiking into big Johnson, i can only dream. i will admit i still think of home, but i think I'm hitting the point where i can... and not get homesick, its good, i still am focused on the work. this work is very hard but amazing. As for the missionary work, we had 2 of our way good investigators, play the hide and not answer the phone trick, so sad, but the modiakotla family is still doing great, mostly the 18 yr old. he will probably be getting baptized end of Nov. or first of Dec. plus he already has talk of a mission, truly amazing. i love being a partof this so much. but as for other work just tons of knocking doors and teaching lessons. everyone loves to hear the word of god, but doesn't like to follow it or live by it. but its still sweet to know were planting the seeds in this new comp is doing well, very different, but we get along, I'm learning patience and how to be clear and kind, hes crazy and we have fun, but work way hard too... its cool to learn more of his style and culture.but the food, FYI in the picture I'm eat smores, and i bought some ice cream ha ha, i love your prayers and i love all you do for me, just keep emailing.... it makes my day and week. the bom is amazing and i can tell you i know its true, and that i know it will bring us closer to God. My favorite part about this gospel is the that families can be forever, i love it and you guys so much! Something that made me smile. its starting to be very rainy and cloudy. the thunder and lighting are so amazing and the only stuff that compares to it is when your stuck in it up on gentry. ha ha. but the rain was hitting on our tin roof and when i closed my eyes to sleep i felt like i was laying in the trailer up on the mountain... so sweet. i will try and get ya some more cool stuff next week. i love everyone of you so much, and am so grateful for all you do and all your prayers....I love you guys with all my heart and miss y'all just as much and hope you keep doing well. Have a great week, I'll be looking forward to next :)
Elder B.Wilde.