Sunday, November 9, 2008

The work is moving on.

Just got this from Bradey. We did get an email and a snail mail letter from him it was so nice. He wrote about a week in the life of Elder Wilde. They have days with no water. Three day in fact. But they did just get a new water heater and new beds. Sounds like he is eating good. I also found out that he did get his package and it takes four weeks to get there not two. I thought that was to good to be true. Here is some of the email: This week was very tough but ended up to be great, we thought the Modiakotla family was playing the hide trick, they said they would all come to church but didn't. but it turns out they were having major trouble with the cows on their farm so they had to go out there Sunday, so we went and visited them last night and they ALL have been Reading and love the BOM and they All are thinking about baptism. The 18 yr old Tapo is set for the 30th and has already got a great testimony and is loving to read and learn from the bom. and the rest of the family is working on their testimony, its so amazing to see the spirit be brought into a families life and change each person for the better, the dad even said that since they've started reading their home has became more peaceful and things just been better... truly amazing. well see what happens...Were going over to a members house and were gonna learn how to make some sweet food, not the nasty crazy stuff. So today should be really fun... Like all p-days ha ha. Just think in 2 months well get to chat on the phone. WOO!!!! Who won the world Series? not that it matters, the best wasn't in it. I love you guys so much and just FYI I've been out 2 months. ha ha. Love Elder Bradey Wilde