Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm a little behind on the letters. Sorry

My dearest family, November 10, 2008
I hope this letter finds you very well. I loved all your emails this week and they really helped me a ton. Just to start, I've been so humbled in this area. Its 1 of 2 village areas in the whole mission and I've been blessed to experience it. Most missionaries are dying to come here but never get the chance, so it is very hard but I'm learning and seeing stuff that I'd never thought I could. I wish I could write all or some of it to you. I've learned so much and am so much more grateful for what I have. Just so ya know when I get back I will eat ANYTHING you set on my plate, I can't believe some of the things I see people eatin, ha ha. I will hopefully be getting more pics so y'all can see what the houses are like, most are circle shacks with straw roofs and the others are very nice big brick buildings with tin roofs. So you see it all in the village. I saw my first dung beetle last week. ha but as you already know its been raining lots, and were in the smallest car I've ever drove, so we've been having a great time in the huge puddles,and we have to go through them, it reminds me of bow hunting when its rained a ton, just only imagine its in a car. so as for missionary stuff the Modiakgotla family is doing well still, but they all have been sick this week, so not much progress, but we tracked into this sweet old man named Samuel, he is slow to learn but loves meeting with us and has a testimony of the bom already, so amazing, he is so cool, Santee the member we work with even says "that is a sweet old man" well see what the Lord has in store. But as for my scripture this week, its Alma 26:11-12 its so true, the lessons I try to teach, they are rough and the people just don't understand, but so many times I've been blessed to have the spirit loosen my tongue like I'm not even thinking or talking, but the words just flow and the spirit begins to burn in the peoples hearts, I know its by Gods strenght that all things are done, for this work is his, we are just tools in his hands being blessed with these sweet experiences to strengthen our testimony's and to learn. So about the sweet package I got this week, I loved it. I can honestly say all your sacrifices and all your prayers are being very answered, I've been so comforted and blessed. I can feel of your love so much and with that sweet package I felt it even more, every bite of candy and the best was the pillow case that still smelled like home. One night it was raining way hard and our tin roof sounded just like the trailer and with the smell of home I thought I'd wake up and go fishing with the wildeboyz !!! Woo but when I woke up I remembered I'm on the other side of the world and getting ready for Christmas when its still 99 degrees. The rain like I said is finally coming and things have cooled down allot. So its very nice. So just a funny story, I might get in trouble at Zone conference cuz my hair is so long, we haven't been to Gabs for a while and I can now cover the tops of my ears and almost have the wings, I have a hair appt the day of zone conference, its funny, cuz the other elders were "like lets just buzz your head," and I was like no man, and they tried to sneak up on me, but when your a foot taller than everyone it made it tough. I hope y'all are doing great, and I know I don't get to write everyone but I'm doing my best, I hope you enjoy this and I will work on writing each one of you at least a lil note, but know I love you guys and pray for you constantly. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great week, I'm off to go iron my cloths and clean our car. I hope your all doing great and can feel how much I love you.
Have a wonderful week
Elder Bradey wilde