Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing in the Mud.

My dearest family, I hope this letter finds you well. Zone conference was great, I learned a lot and will send a couple of quotes next week. I didn't get my hair cut but will get it done this Friday. As for mission stories, I have a couple. First of all, yes its been raining tons, but we've been blessed with lots of appointments and only had to work in the rain once, and with my nice rain jacket, I don't think I even got wet. But it created quite an experience, the other elders drive a bawkee ( a small truck), and they got it very very stuck. Let me remind you we drive a tiny car. So we spent about 6 hours digging them out and doing all we could,to get them out of the mud. Another fun experience was how ALL the roads turn to rivers when it rains hard, but like I said the little red corsa did great, we had fun.
But for a serious story, you have to not worry or think it was bad, because everything was fine. But I drove to Gabs for Zone conference, and can ya guess, I get pulled over.... the cop said it was for regular inspections and we were randomly chosen, lame huh. So he asks for my license and I pull out my white bible, (ask Blake)??? and come to find I took it out and it was chilling in the flat, haha, he made me get out and I was given a citation, they wrote it for 300 pula but then said if I take my license into the police station that they'll wave 250. So just for your info I only will have to pay fifty pula which is about 8 US dollars. sweet huh. and the police station in Moleps is really cool, we occasionally give their morning prayer and thought so I think that maybe they'll be sweet and just wave the whole ticket. but fun huh. My first ticket ever and I'm not even in my own country. So next we had a way sweet experience with a lady. Her name is sister Thlapi and has been reading the BoM for a while with no answer, she finally decided it was a good book and she wanted a solid answer. So she remembered how we told her the bible and BoM go hand in hand, so she picked up the bible and said, after I pray I'm going to open the bible and the first chapter I see I will read, that will be my answer. She said she prayed with all her heart and when she was done opened to Isaiah chapter 6.Pay special attention to Verse 1 and 2 and in Verse 4 it talks about sons coming from far. I know that some who read this will just think it was a faith promoting story. But I can tell you she received her answer from God, she has been to church every week since and is now bringing friends to help them find the truth, She will be on date tomorrow. Probably for the 7th or 14th. but the spirit I felt as she told of her answer was sweet I know it was from God. I can tell you that from all of your prayers and love for me and sacrifices, I have felt the comfort from the Spirit. I know the spirit is powerful and I am nothing without it. I know from that same power that Jesus Christ Lives and is our Savior. I know that its only through him that we can be saved and that the Church of Jesus Christ is truly his church again on the earth guided by a Prophet called of God. I also know with all my heart that we have a loving Heavenly father that loves all of us more that well ever know. I know that prayers are heard and answered, for that is the only reason I'm still in Africa. I know with a perfect knowledge that the BoM is the word of God... and for my favorite, I know with all my heart that Families can be together FOREVER, And I Know that I have The BEST family I could have Ever asked for... You guys truly are the best and I love each one of you so much, and am so grateful for EVERYTHING you do and teach me. You guys mean more than anything in this world to me and that love will never change. Its because of you: MOM, DAD, BRANDON, JACQUE, LITTLE BEEMER, BLAKE, EMILY, AND GRANDMA, AND of course the rest, that I'm the Kind of Young man I am now, that I have such a love for each one of you, and truly would never be happy if I didn't know we could be together forever, you guys give me courage everyday and have done more for me than I could ever repay. I hope you enjoyed my letter. As for a scripture I really enjoyed 3 Nephi 18:21 that's something that I know brought our family closer to together and I had an experience with the Modiakgotla family this week, we were talking about how to make families stronger and I suggested a hug and a prayer every night and a good hug every time someone leaves, haha can ya guess what that made me think of? Yes... all of your very sweet hugs, I love them and you guys so much and am excited to hug yawl again, but as for now I have to get back to work. I love you guys and miss you more than you'll ever know, but don't worry, your prayers are being answered and I'm doing very well. I hope everyone has a great week. Love Elder Bradey wilde.