Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy African Thanksgiving

Hey mom and dad!!!
Sounds like and looks like you had a great thanksgiving, it means allot to hear of the prayers and thoughts for me. it was hard being a way but i will admit it was the best thanksgiving i could have had and the best one over here for sure. Our area is the only area where there is couple missionary, and elder and sister Micheal's from salt lake sure did make us a great American dinner. we had Turkey and potatoes, with American grave, and also American stove top stuffing, and jello pudding stuff with whip cream, and then the best was dessert, we had pumpkin pie from the states and my new favorite, apple strudel or crisp, i dunno, the stuff dad likes so much, ha ha i loved it so much, she even gave me what was left to take home. so i had it with some ice cream. its funny to see how the things i do are the same things that you do. everything i am is because of you guys. and i love and am grateful for you so much!!! But Stein's looked good, i hope y'all didn't miss me to much... ha ha jk. i know you enjoyed the luxurious rooms. But mom, dad, I'm doing great, and am so grateful for all your prayers thoughts and sacrifices, you'll be blessed also.
so yesterday we did something cool. we had a pray and asked for some specific things and we got some specific answers, it was amazing and i can tell you i KNOW with out a doubt prayers are answered, for that's why I'm still here, CZ of all of your prayers. Dad, i hope your surgery goes well, i feel so bad but as you talked about hiking the same trails that we did. i could smell the pine trees and i felt so close to you. i wouldn't trade that week for ANYTHING in the world. Mom, thanks for the pictures and all your thoughts, i love your guys letters so much. and hope your doing well. I miss you guys but know in 21 months our meeting will be so sweet. but don't worry, I'm focused on the best work in this world, as Blake says, I'm fishing for souls... ha ha. i love you guys and thanks for all you do. Ill write more and better fun info next week
have a wonderful week
Elder Bradey Lee Wilde
p.s. that poem was so good. and the comp is making me mad and i only have 9 min left now, it froze twice and deleted 2 emails to you and Blake. so tell Blake and Emily and Brandon and Jac and Bralin that i love them so much and will email them first think next week. I'm sorry. but i love you so much