Saturday, December 13, 2008

These Boys can have fun with anything!!!!!!

My dearest Mom and dad, How are you guys, I'm doing great. I truly feel I'm gaining more of a love for the work each day. and more and more love and gratitude for you guys each day. for the story this week i thought id tell a cool one about sister Thlape. We tracked into here the third week we were here and i didn't think much, but this Sunday she will be getting baptized. It has been a great experience. I can say she has been our only investigator that feasted on the Bom. she read it a lot an i feel that's why she has done so well. A cool story about her she also was the one who opened to Isiah 60. but this last week we taught her the word of wisdom, she then began to tell us that for some reason about 2 weeks ago she just quit drinking coffee, she said she had drank it most her life but all of the sudden didn't feel good and didn't want to drink it. so now she drinks coco in the morning, sweet huh. its cool how the Lord helps and prepares you when your doing your best. So that will be sweet to see her advance. She has a great testimony and love to meet with us. so i just thought that was a cool story for y'all.
Now for some funny stories, or crazy ones. So this old gogo we've been teaching randomly gave us a chicken, it was so funny, were going to leave and she just hands us this chicken and wouldn't let us leave without taken it. i was laughing so hard, it rode in our car squawking until we got home. Another crazy story, at church on Sunday we found out they had a party the night before, so we walk in on Sunday morning and church smelled like alcohol, it was a joke, there were beer bottles and cans everywhere, and the floor was soaked with beer. ridiculous, so we took our hose and just started spray in. IT WAS CRAZY. but luckily we had it all cleaned up before the members showed up. it was a great meeting to.... i was able to teach the gospel principles lesson on sacrifice, it was so awesome. i really enjoyed teaching. we taught on sacrifice and it went really well. so as for a scripture, its Santee's favorite, he is a member that we work with alto. he likes john 15:14 cuz he says "I've always wanted to be Jesus friend, and if I'm his friend, i have nothing to fear." which brings me to one of the cool scriptures i was reminded of this week. D&C d:36. Doubt not fear not. we have nothing to fear from the journey. but anyways. Dad. I'm glad your doing great, i hope you keep feeling better. it was way good to see you in the pictures, and Winnie, i miss her. and of course you mom. But i hope y'all are doing great and know and can feel how much i love and am so grateful for you. and all the SACRIFICES you have made and make just for me:) Have a WONDERFUL week. soon well talk for reels Love YOUR SON Elder Wilde