Monday, December 15, 2008

First Baptizem, Then off to Ridgeway SA

My dearest Mom and Dad, and Family,
As Jim reeves would say it..... Well...this is it.
I’M BEING TRANSFERRED, yikes huh, has it been three months already, its cool how time goes. I hope its doing the same for you guys, but I’m headed to Johannesburg Central area. Its called RIDGEWAY, and my new comp is elder Christiansen, I don’t know much about the area or the comp, all the elders I’ve talked to in the zone didn’t know much either, they said it is a rich area and will be nice but really hard work. Ill be able to tell you more next week though... :)
So simply enough we saw the first fruits of our labor here in Molepolole, and since it was my last Sunday she chose me to baptize her, it was so sweet and so special, but the cool part was since I found out I was leaving, we were visiting the sister that was going to be baptized and she was like, can I make a change, I want Elder Wilde to baptize me:) it was amazing, I can even tell you how strong the spirit was at her baptism and how strong her testimony is. I hope you guys don’t think I’m bragging or want you to know this for stats, but the main reason I tell you this is because this week, I learned a serious lesson. That sometimes when your on the verge of something great, the devil, or even just events tear you down and you have a hard time. Lets just say I had some rough experiences this week with investigators that shook me, and my testimony to the foundations.... don’t worry when I say this, its not why I’m telling you. but Elder Adongo and I just had some very tough soul shaking moments with some investigators, but the best part, is I know its from all the prayers and my name in the temple, because I felt so alone for a little while, but then Santee reminded me of the line in Hymn 85, "FEAR NOT I AM WITH THEE" and it helped, the next day (Friday) I read King Benjamin’s address and it really helped me quite worry about my self. And then I finally just prayed, and I can tell you I feel even stronger. Prayer, its so simple but helped me so much.... my testimony has been built back up even stronger and taller, but boy was it rough for a couple days. I’m doing GREAT now :)

But yeah, there is my spiritual experience for the week, as for other news I don’t have any funny stories right now, this week was pretty serious. But I will say I have sissy hands now, I chopped wood for a sister and got blisters, I was so mad!!!!

Well Mom and Dad, I’m going to go so I can write some other, please don’t worry just keep praying, they have helped so much. And Dad, I think about the blessing you gave me when we were at grandmas allot. it helps me not worry, it was so good, I’m so grateful you've always been so good and willing to give us boyz a blessing.. I love you guys so much and can’t wait to talk to you. Have a WONDERFUL week and I pray Our Heavenly Father blesses your every footstep while I’m away.... yes Dad, I’m very glad to hear when I get back you'll be ready to out hike me again, ha-ha.... I’m scared to think what it’ll be like if you have two good knees, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up. I love you and miss you so much
Love your son.
Bradey Wilde