Monday, December 29, 2008

Elder Wilde is doing better each day.

Just thought I would let family and friends know the news about Elder Wilde. He thinks (pretty sure) he was bitten by a spider a few days before Christmas. Not thinking much about it didn't mention it to me in the phone call. Shame on him Ha Ha. So a few days later I received a phone call from the Mission President that Elder Wilde is in the Johannesburg hospital receiving antibiotics for a spider bite that has now made his knee swollen, red and oozing pus. So not to be worried I put all my faith in the Lord and just prayed that all will go well. So far he is doing better each day. We do received a phone call daily from his President on the care and condition of his leg. It seems to be getting better. That is good news. Stupid Spiders anyways. So please keep him in your prayers. And I will keep you up dated on the progress of the leg. He really is in good spirits and keeping a positive attitude about it. It's a long ways from home to get sick. But he feels the comfort and blessing of our Heavenly Father. He said that he was giving a really nice blessing and feels he will be getting better soon.