Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now it's off to surgery for Bradey

Just a little update on Elder Wilde. We was contacted by his Mission President today and was told that he will be going into have some surgery performed in the morning (which by the way is when we are all asleep)to clean out the infected part of his leg. I guess when he went for a walk this morning when he stood up the blister popped and the pus pocket opened up so they are going to clean it out and biopsy it to see what they are dealing with then get him on the right antibiotics. So we have put his name in the temple and are asking everyone to remember him in your prayers. I believe that this will really help him once they get things cleaned up. They did say that the redness and the swelling in the calf is going away so that is a good thing. It's just a good thing that they went to the hospital when they did. If not sooner...... Those boys trying to doctor it with cream. What were they thinking. I will update this asap when we find out anything. He should be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday. Thanks everyone for your prayers.