Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Baseball game of life.

Dear Family and Friends,
I wanted to let everyone know that Bradey is doing allot better. The bite is now just a hole in his leg. Yes a hole in his leg. They took the dead tissue out and that left a nice hole were the pus pocket was. So that will be the next lesson he will be dealing with. But other than that I think he is on the mend. The swelling in his leg is going down and he has been taught the proper care for the leg so he can get back out to teaching the gospel. He has never had to deal with something like this so we are calling it a lesson learned in the Baseball game of life. That is something he can totally relate to. He has had to come out of the game in the second inning and is not to happy about it. That dirty player from a school we all hate to face slid in, cleats first and took out a piece of his leg and he is now out for a few weeks. That is something that will take some getting used to since Bradey has never missed a game in his life. The challenge will be to keep going to the practices and working about 70% of the time instead of the 100% he is used to. But we all know Bradey and know that he will work as hard or harder to get back in the game. Never before has he had to do this. Just another lesson of the ball game of life. We want to say thanks to all of you that fasted and prayed for him. He told us that he could feel the prayers and comfort from all of you. It meant so much to him. So on to the next inning in the game without Bradey on the playing field, He will be in the dugout though working and cheering on his teamates and doing the best he can to get back out there and feel the dirt and smell the smells of the field.
Thanks everyone, The Wilde Family.