Monday, January 12, 2009

Seems to be doing GREAT !!!!!

Bradey seems to be lost in thought in this picture. They must be traveling somewhere in Africa, obviously, but we did get a short, very short email that said today they were off to a animal refuge. So the following pictures are of what I am thinking he was playing with. He did say that he got to hold a baby lion. So that was fun for him and his comps since last P-day they had to clean the flat. Ha Ha. He really needed a day like this to get his mind off the bite and enjoy some free time to think and have fun. He said he had an email all typed and it didn't send so hope I will have more for you next week. Glad that he had some down time. Maybe there will be some real pictures of him holding the cub.
No this is not a picture of Bradey's leg, thank goodness. I did think it was kinda funny though when he said he was playing with Lions and Rick was hoping that they didn't smell the blood on Bradey's leg. He did say that it was bleeding somewhat which is good. That means it is healing and getting good blood flow. So the Spider bite was a experience he will remember forever and hope to never repeat. He did mention to tell everyone thank you and He loves you. (Sorry about my humor, It's good to have something to laugh about now.)