Monday, February 2, 2009

An adventure of a lifetime.‏.....

So first off, I'm doing great this week, yesterday was amazing and I hope you felt a lil special spirit from me… to start, the baptism's were amazing and very spiritual. The older couple said right before he was put in the water, Ive been waiting my whole life for this. But what really brought a tear to my eye was Benji, he is 11 and his parents are separated, but his dad is a way good guy and has worked in the temple. And this lil 11 yr old boy stands bearing his testimony after, through tears he says I'm so grateful to be baptized, especially by my dad. And here is what hit me the most he said “I hope the holy ghost will always be with me.” It just hit me really hard… I dunno why. but yeah, the testimony of a child hit me more than any of the testimonies in the sacrament.
Well so about some physical stuff, ha ha, its rained all week, so its been fun riding the bikes in the rain. I am back on a bike all the time now and doing great, my knee is basically fully healed and I'm feeling lots better. so things are great in that sense. But yeah, when it rains here, wow, the streets are like rivers, but its cool cuz of my sweet rain jacket. It reminds me of getting all wet when it’d rain on the four wheeler rides. Woo!
So another fun fact, the pictures I sent, one is me with a cricket helmet on. And one is just a sweet sunset, I'm glad you enjoyed my letters and Bralin got hers ha ha she’s the best. But yeah this week I played cricket. It was tight, I hit 4 overs (home runs) and won with 24 runs, it was pretty cool, its a lot like playing hot box, like with 2 bases and running back and forth after you hit. So it was way fun and we got some new investigator's outta it.
So I met another area seventy. It was funny tho, cuz I didn’t know until I had talked to him for like 5 min. he asked how long I’d been out and how I was doing, then he was like huh, I'm an area 70. and I was like, huh, glad I didn’t say anything stupid. But it just made me think how much we gotta watch our thoughts words and actions.
So now for a lil spiritual something, you can take it for what its worth, and you prolly already know, but it just made me think. In our priesthood class they asked, if your not worthy to enter the temple, are you worthy to enter the celestial kingdom? And then they talked about how important it is to go to the temple often. So I thought that was pretty cool, another kid said that when we live to have the holy ghost with us always, we will know ALL things which we should do. So I was like whoa, ALL? Cool huh. But my scripture for the week is D and C 122. Elder Christiansen read this to a kid were teaching who is having a super hard time in life, and I just thought it was cool. I know that true peace and happiness only comes from our Savior and our loving Heavenly Father.
Well mom, and dad, I love and miss you so much and same goes to you Blake and Brand and Jac and Em and Beemer : ) I hope you guys have a GREAT and WONDERFUL day and week. I love you guys with all my heart and will talk to ya very soon.