Sunday, February 1, 2009

Having Some Fun, Still Working Hard

My Dearest Mom and Dad
Alright, so my knee is doing better, its progressing slower now but its almost completely closed. So its nice, I'm basically 100 percent. Lets just say right now I've had wounds from sliding worse than this one so I'm really excited for this trial to be over. They have talked about having to stitch it up, but the mission doctor said it should heal no problem and not to worry about stitches.
Here is some sweet info with whats going on with b.Wilde. we have 2 sweet lil kids one 9 and 11 named Rafael and Benjamin that will be baptized this Sunday they are way cool and always make our day when we teach, it was hard tho cuz their dad wanted us to teach a pretty solid and detail law of chastity to them, but we still kept it basic, and so he went a lil into detail and told us some stuff they have seen and why he wanted to be a lil detailed and so we went back and taught more, it just blew my mind what a lil 9 year old has seen, I was just like “WHAT????” so it’s a big deal and pretty scary what the youth of this world has to put up with. Man…. But they are great kids, their dad is a member and a way good guy, him and I talked a ton about mission, he was like yeah, almost six months, get ready for time to slip away, haha, which is scary cuz it already is… most days, but yeah, he is way cool and good to us.

We have another couple that when I came into the area they were basically taught but they did’t pass the interview so we had to completely re teach them, they both speak French and one only speaks French so its been cool to learn and see that, we had a guy interpret and stuff, they will be baptized this Sunday also.

The next sweet person were teaching is named moses. He is 17 and has been prepared by our heavenly father for sure, he has loved to learn and has a great heart, and had some serious problems but before we met him decided to quit and take care of them, once again… its rough to see what the youth has to deal with here. But he’s doing good and will be baptized very soon. Last night we helped him with some math homework,,, haha I think I still have it, but just algebra, I dunno about the calculus.

Hahahaha you should have seen our place pdays eve (last night) haha we partyed, indoor cricket and badminton, and then cards till midnight it was sweet, I had some mt dew finally and we all had lots of fun, it was lots of fun, we defiantly will be ready to be serious this week.

So wanna hear some cool stuff to back up the Yankees, the only baseball hat I have seen that has baseball logos, (most say I love Jesus) is a Yankees hat, im going to buy a camo one hopefully for 4 dollars or 40 rand. Haha. Sweet huh.

So the food here is sweet, we just ate at a way sweet pizza place and I'm getting really good and making omelets, yes dad, ill make you some when I get back. Haha and then the rest the time I just eat good pasta like Alfredo and stuff, and lunch is still p b and j’s or turkey sandwiches, the meat still scares me here.

Well mom and dad, I love you so much, and my testimony has grown so much, and your letters and emails and stuff just make it that much more, you guys mean more than the world to me, and I love all your thoughts and everything, so please just keep em coming. Haha and ill do my best to write ya stuff you like and is interesting. By the way, I cant believe ill be hitting 5 months next time I talk to ya, its scary to think Ive been gone for that long. But the work is great here, and its only going to get better.

Love your (possible favorite? Haha jk I know you love all the WildeBOYZ) son

Bradey Wilde