Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome home Jordan......

My Dearest Family…
This week the weather is like St George in the spring, when we stretch and exercise in the morning I feel like I should be getting ready to go over to elks field or to hit wiffleballs or soft toss, So in other words, I’ve been reminded of some great great memories. I loved it. The weather has been great, I think its one thing ill miss, but it is weird how you guys talk about spring and the leaves are begging to change a lil. I cant believe Ill be going into winter now. Also, it does storm quite a bit. At least lately. if ya want an idea of how it is, just put a fork in the microwave for 5 min. the lighting here is ridiculous, its woke me up a couple of times because its so bright and loud, but its so sweet.
Well you better tell grandma happy b-day for me!!! I will be sending a letter soon.
Ill also be sending a letter to you guys soon too, defiantly about what I learned from this past challenge, and also about the sweet zone conference we just had, it was sweet, even tho we got shamboked a lot. (that means when your dis obedient, and someone tells you to be more obedient) but how you guys have taught how “first a thought then an action” he took it a step farther as to how to develop righteous characteristics but turning your actions into habits. Its cool, my thoughts I'm working on is always smile, confidence, follow the spirit, and 110 percent.

Well now to answer some questions, I'M doing great! This dang cold isn’t fun but I'm good. My knee is basically 100 percent, it has I tiny scrap now, and has dry skin around it form wearing a band aid so long, but its great, just now a lil reminder of how much prayers are answered and the love I felt from you guys and my heavenly father. We do have a fun zone pday planned tho, not sure what yet. But we do get to go to the temple next week, I'm so excited, and ill finally get to put your guys name in. be sure to tell Elyse congrats for me. And I cant believe Jordan is home, I will admit I'm a lil jealous…. Ha ha. The work is great, we have a sweet 18 yr old on date, he is a great kid. But as for other work, its pretty ruff. We have tons of investigators, but lots of them are jokers. We have been let to some of the lords elect, so we’ll see what happens, hopefully ill have some more sweet storeys for ya soon. But as for now we are just teaching lots and trying to weed out those that really wanna come unto Christ and those that just like the word of god. Ha ha. But yeah, something cool is we are teaching an English class, helping people learn better English. There is tons of French, Portuguese, and then all the Africa languages here, so its sweet to see them learn.

My scripture for the week is D and C 82 : 10 its just cool to know that when we do all we can, the lord promises to bless, and if he asks us to do something, he will prepare a way. So its helped me this week.

Well, I must close, but mom and dad, I love you guys with all my heart, words will never ever be able to begin to explain my heartfelt love for you. And I miss you lots, and think lots about you, no not the homesick ones, but ones that keep me smiling and work in hard. I love you guys and always have a pray in my heart for you and pray for you and our family every time I pray. I love the pictures, they were so good and you guys looked way good. So I loved that, thanks. I pray our Heavenly Father will always watch over and bless you, I know he does me from all your prayers. I love praying every night and morning knowing I could be praying at the same time as you. I love you guys with all my heart and am looking forward to reading the letters and package. I hope you enjoy mine.

Tell Brand, Jac, Blake, Emily and Beemer they all looked great and I love them so much too. I will write them soon. I miss them so much. I hope all is well. His letter he wrote when I was in the hospital is so good. I always walk slow and listen good, and for sure keep my eyes on the prize. I think about y'all so much

I love you guys. And don’t worry, I'm focused on the work, its like in the batting cage, I don’t just screw around, but I work hard, develop good habits. So don’t worry when I say I think of ya lots.
I love you
Love your son