Monday, February 23, 2009

For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.

My dearest Mom and Dad,
I sure hope you guys are doing great! The little bits of email I read while I was printing they sounded really really good:) Thanks for the updates, its so good to know whats going on, be sure to tell Elyse and Jake congrats for me. But how are you guys doing, I think and always have a prayer in my heart for ya. So sorry to jump right into some preaching but I was studying about the spirit and prayer and learned a lot. It was so cool. I read 2 Nephi 32:1-5, and learned if we pray and live by the spirit then in v 5 it will show us all things that we should do, and you know how I like dealing with decisions, so I thought that was cool.
Anyways, the work is going great, my story this week is kindove blaw, So Pres Poulsen has been stressing strick obedience, so we have been working our butts off, but both with us, and with all the other missionary's I've talked with, lots more appointments have been getting cancelled, weird huh…. So we got a lil discouraged, but kept doing our best. We found that the appointments that were cancelled ended up we just dropped them cuz they were jokers, and so now the ones were teaching are solid and progressing well, and here comes the cool part, its like the Lord is weeding out the jokers for us, lately the people we talk to while tracting or contacting seem to be wanting a change in life or want to know the truth, not just the usual “I want to hear the word of God.” Its been really cool and I'm excited to see what’ll happen in the future.
Just some cool news, I now will try almost any food, I've had plums, pears, and lots of other fruits, oh and mango's. Haha I cant believe I never tried some of this. A lady was saying how when I go home my parents are gonna be amazed… so well see. huh Mom and Dad.

Anyways a cool CD we’ve been listening to lately is a Nashville tribute to the Trek and Pioneers, its got some way cool songs, Elder Fischer and I used to dance a lil to em cuz its like country music, but then he had surgery, anyways he is doing much better and now can bend his knee, but still cant put much weight on it. (hes not my comp, just a pal in our flat.)
Well Mom, to answer your question if were teaching, it goes along with what we spoke about earlier, but I feel bad sometimes cuz I know other missionary's are having a hard time with teaching and stuff but we basically have appointments or people to check on or referrals all day, our members are great and even come and teach with us lots, its hard cuz sometimes we have to schedule time to find new investigators, like we have to schedule time to tract or contact cuz were so busy with appointments and stuff. Its sweet and I feel so so so blessed to be in this area and this mission. The hard part is we have to decide if people are serious or not, but like I stated before, the lord is basically taking care of that for us now, I feel so blessed.
Well dad, I thought I'd tell a funny lil story for you, we went to an investigators house and she was listening to Dolly Parton, hahaha I sang along in my head and just smiled. It was so cool, it was the first country music I've heard over here and of all people. Now all I need is a lil Jim Reeves. But I thought that was funny, and hopefully will make ya smile knowing I still getta listen to a lil of the good ol stuff.
Well, my scripture this week is 2 Tim. 1:7. basically never be afraid, advice that is always ringing in my ear.
I love you guys so much and pray Heavenly Father will continue to bless your every footstep. Till next time. Have a wonderful week.
I love you guys with all my heart and miss you lots too… but I love you and am doing great.