Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Dearest Family,
So it sounds like you guys are doing great and had a great Easter:) First off, I must say im pretty darn jealous of those sweet pics, haha, man that looked awesome, so ya better be havin that in the plans for a couple years from now. Haha mom and dad, you guys still look like a young married couple, haha. It looks like you guys went on a really really pretty hike. So that’s what were doin again today, were going on a longer hike in this sweet nature reserve, but I don’t think it’ll compare.
Well guys, I have so much to tell you, I hope I can get it all down, ive had so many sweet experiences this week.
First off, we went to the temple again… man, I think there and the mountains are the best places in the world. You just feel the spirit so strong and have so many thoughts about what this life is really about, and what I want you to know, is that I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ lives, and loves us, and is watching out for all those that are on his side. I had a sweet opportunity to teach the gospel principles class. The cool part, is that I didn’t know until the teacher didn’t show up and so in class they asked me to teach. Can you guess what it was on? THE ATONEMENT… what a better subject to talk about on Easter and after going to the temple. And it was cool, because for not preparing, I had to rely 100% on the spirit… it went well, and was so spiritual. The best part was the end, bearing my testimony of Christ, and its one of the many reasons, that I KNOW he truly does LIVE…. So it was a great experience. And I will say, Easter was Great… I even had a chocolate easter egg yesterday haha.
So my next cool story is I received an email from Santee… the sweet member in mololepolole. And he said they are almost at 50 members and have officially been set apart as a true branch with a number and everything… so cool. The Lords work moves forward.
Next, we have a recent convert that was baptized on DEC 7, so we have slowed our visits because he was doing so good. But for some reason, we were guieded to him on Friday, his name is Brother Jimmy and he talks a lot and was always a way happy guy, but we show up and he says, ELDERS!!! Im so happy to see you. And so were like cool cool. And we start talking and he was havin a really hard time, and said, im down but not out… because you guys are my lifeline from the Lord, and so we shared a message and prayed and left, and I didn’t think much of it… just a man in need of a lil spiritual boost. Anyways, Sunday he pulled me aside and church and said, “Elder Wilde, I just wanted you to know, if you had not stopped by on friday I would not be here at church. I had made my decision I was not coming, but when you guys came, I know the Lord brought you to me, and with out a doubt I knew I had to come to church.” It was so sweet. And as I thought about the process the Lord went through to guide us to him… man, I got goosebumps. I cant believe the simple miracles I had passed up. “By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass.”
Well, guys I hope you enjoy this email, it’s a lil different than others and I hope this storys don’t put you off. I just felt they were really sweet and you might enjoy hearin some of the spiritual stuff. Just know that im not saying them to boast, cuz like ammon, I know as to my own strength I am WEAK, but with the Lord we can do all things, and I do not boast of myself but of MY GOD… And he is working many Mighty Miricles.
Well… as for me im doing great, I compare a lot to baseball now, and have been thinking, this mission is like a baseball season, I will be walkin of the field sooner than I think, the time is short and I love the game, I’m just doin my best to walk of each day with no regrets, and as tired as I can be, so that when we meet again, I can give each one of you a sweet hug and know, I left it all out on the field, and that I can look back, take my cleats off, and step into another part of life enjoying and makin many more bittersweet memories with each one of you, mom, dad, brand jac beemer, blake em , grandma and everyone else…. I love each one of you so much, and am so greatful for your prayers, sacrifices and love… cuz I know im bein very blessed for them, and I can feel your prayers and love every second of every day, it keeps me moving on… I love you and pray you will have a great and wonderful day and week, as for now, ill “pick up my gun and get back to work…” mom, dad, I love you, and the pictures looked great, I hope your enjoyin your time and even relaxin, cuz you know when i get back… haha, were gonna have A LOT of fun… or as they would say here, you’ll have TO MUCH fun.. haha. I love yall with all my heart and will be talking to ya soon.
Have a great week fam,
Your son, bro, and …
Elder Bradey Wilde
p.s. as for a funny story, haha, an airplane flew over(were by the jo berg airport) and my comp asked how far away is that, and I said like 16 or 17 months, he said “oh so you might go home a transfer early, you’ll regret it” I laughed and said “don’t worrie, its win win for me, and ill do more in 22 months than most do 24.” He shook his head…. (cuz he knows its true) haha.
Love you guys