Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference was Amazing.......

My Dearest Dad, Mom, and family….
So first off can I just say conference was AMAZING!!! Every talk was full of the spirit and I felt blessed to be watching some of it the SAME time as you guys… I didn’t get to see the Sunday afternoon session tho, it was to late… but I will be looking forward to the magazine and I think ill try to take my ipod to a members house to load em on it.
Just a few of the many notes I thought of. My heart burned a lil in the Saturday morn session when Pres Monsen talked about the missionary's and their family's and the sacrifices being made, and how were always prayed for.
I also really really really loved the Whole priesthood session…. Every talk was amazing. Pres Ukdorf talking about the lil light bulb that caused the crash, I felt like I do that sometimes and worry about the lil things that really don’t have eternal consequences. And also I really enjoyed Pres Irings, when he spoke about the black hawk down story and how “man down” can tie into the gospel and all of us fighting this war on sin and evil as brothers and sisters… but the one that helped me the most, goes along with what you guys have been telling me for so long. Always smile! If were living right, we have NOTHING TO FEAR… when trials come (like my leg) rather than ask why me? Say “Lord, what do you want me to learn from this?” it was so good, so I have a new desire to be more confident, happy always, smiling, and doing my best each day. I wish I could tell you all I learned or the true feelings of my heart, and felt many of the talks were on how families are #1 and the most important thing in our lives. I cant believe its on 7 months and Ive only sent you like 4 letters.
Alright, so another cool story, it was Elder Fischers birthday so we went to Mikes kitchen for dinner (nice restaurant with burgers like in the states,(by the way I fixed me tacos for lunch today haha woo) ) anyways, so we ordered and our food came, and so we all just bow our heads and say a lil prayer, about fifteen min later a lil old man and his wife come up and were like, sorry we were so noisy during your pray, and then asked who we are, where were from, and what were doing, we answer how were missionary's and as he put it “so far from home” haha. Anyways, the waitress comes to give us the bill and said, that it had already been taking care of… haha. So sweet huh haha, I thought it was pretty cool.
As for my scripture, its Alma 36:3 ( just the last half of the verse)
Well, now to answer questions, first of all I loved your emails and cant wait to thoroughly read them. It hasn’t got to much colder here, just all the leaves are almost gone. I'm doing absolutely GREAT, and the work is well, we are working to give about 15 people baptismal dates, others are to get them some desire to get married soon.) ha ha, so the work is great too. Yes mom. I thought lots about us at that sweet chilly Sunday morning session a year ago, and you think how fast this past year has gone, I'm scurried ill be home before you know it. Ha ha, especially if I come at the end of July… (don’t worry, I don’t think about it…. To much ha ha. Kidding I love this work) mom, I go jogging by myself in the GATED parking lot in the front of our complex so its safe, im usually within sound, And as for transfers, ya never know, its possible, but I should be here one more transfer, so yes I will hopefully get to call you guys while I'm here in may:)
Well I hope this gives ya enough info to keep ya going this week, im well. the work is well and these computers don’t have google earth or id show you where we stay, we actually stay in New Redruth in Alberton, its really nice, I'm gonna be sad to leave this area.
Well guys I gotta get going, I love you with all my heart and miss you too… have a wonderful week and you guys better keep smiling, and well be talking soon.
Elder Bradey Wilde