Monday, March 30, 2009

Doing Great In South Africa

My Dearest Mom, Dad, and Fam…

Man you guys sure are THE BEST… I feel so blessed for all the sweet emails I got from yall. And Brand and Jac and Beemers new lil doggie looks way cute :) ha-ha. Lucky girl.
Well from looking through some emails real fast it seems like some things have been pretty crazy with the hard winds and stuff, but you guys still sound GREAT. So that’s always good to hear, you guys help me out so much.
Well I got my lil envelope package and it was way sweet, it had some way sweet pics in it. Dad and Beemer looked so good, and all the Nauvoo and times we had wheeling and stuff was way good to :) and it didn’t even make me trunky, just made me smile and remember the good times and think of the even Great times were going to have in a year and a half and the great times yawl and I are having right now.
The wind isn’t bad here, its like St George in the spring. So nice, but the leaves are all almost gone and the grass is turning yellow. So it’s a lil different. But im way excited for conference, mom can you believe that almost a year ago we went together, wow huh.
So my scripture for the week is Alma 19, basically Ammon is the man… I don’t think I need to say more. Ha ha. Zone conference was sweet, we learned a ton on just how to convert ourselves, and that we are the most important converts in our whole life's. So it was cool, I talked to a lady that her son was in the MTC with me. She said sacrifice brings forth blessings and that her family has been so blessed from her son serving, so I hope and know you guys are and pray you can still feel close to me. Cuz I love you guys.
Well. If you can find a talk for me and email it or something, its Elder Holland, he spoke in the Provo MTC in January, its so good.
And just for some fun info and to hopefully make ya laugh, I got to take worm pills, woo… so I've officially been de wormed like a dog, hahaha, don’t worry, all the missionaries had to. It’s a normal thing here. Weird huh. But I'm doing great, they didn’t make me sick so I guess that means no worms. Ha-ha. Sorry about that.
Well guys I don’t have much more to say, the work has slowed a lil and we have to clean up some things in the area but its still going great. It truly is the LORDS work, its not the work of man at all… were just tools doing what he wants. Or at least trying too, I feel so blessed to be here and to be working with the sweet people here. There is a sweet Sister Nomsa that has been taken good care of us, she is an investigator and feeds us like 3 times a week. We said she's too good to us and she says, you’re the one that are to good to me, look at what you offered and taught me, the gospel, and all I do Is give ya some food. Ha-ha. So its sweet. The gospel is true and changes lives. Also, teaching English is starting to show some fruits, a guy stopped me and said he got a job cuz he learned how to speak better, he said he is forever grateful, so that was super sweet too.
Well guys, I blahed a lil but I got to go :( I'm sorry. But I love you with all my heart and will be talking to ya soon, enjoy conference and all you do this week. I do miss ya in a really good way and will talk to ya later. Have a wonderful week, and may a gentle wind always be at your back :) ha-ha.
Love your son
Bradey WILDE (Elder)