Tuesday, March 24, 2009

“Pray as if everything relied upon God. Work as if everything relied upon you.”.

My Dearest Mom, Dad, and Family,
How are you guys? I hope your doing great and things are going good. So first of all let me tell ya this has been a very eventful week. Wow… just know I'm doing great, and am still loving the work and learning lots everyday. So I got to listen to the voice message y'all sent last week and it was way good mom, thanks. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the emails, you guys sound great and I'm glad to hear all is going well. I hope you enjoyed the pics and the voice messages I sent last week.

So zone conference is tomorrow, so that will be good. So some more things id like if you can. Some of the Sporstmans pens if you make a trip up there sometime would be way cool, just for a lil something from home I can carry around everyday, ha ha, I've made some elders jealous cuz I still have one with ink in it. And other than that I'm great now.

Well to answer some questions. Not much is new, Riding the bike is so dang awesome, I'm really enjoying it and feel like I'm in way good shape. And teaching, its ridiculously good, we teach all day and when we aren’t teaching, we get referrals to go teach more, so I feel very blessed. The only hard part is my comp gets really nervous in this area way easy, it’s a lil scary at times.
So today was pretty rough. We got a call this morning from a recent member that said her Mom had past away so we went and gave her a blessing and helped out a lil at her home, and all week we have been dealing with a investigator that had a mis-carriage and was way sick and we had to organize a ride to get her to the hospital, but she is doing GREAT now. But probably the hardest was a visit from President Poulsen to tell Elder Fischer that one of his best friends had past away in a motorcycle crash, so its pretty tough around the flat right now, but were just trying to smile and treat him like a brother. But I'm not saying this to make ya worry or get down or think I'm down, just a lil of whats been going on. But we are doing good, its just crazy all this happened at once. Ive learned a lot, and a big one is that there is no guarantee of tomorrow, so just do your best and make the most of your day right now. Every day is a special occasion.
Another sweet quote I read today was “Pray as if everything relayed upon God. Work as if everything relayed upon you.”. I liked it.
So the scripture Dad sent last week Ether 12:6 was so good, it was so sweet how it worked perfectly for an investigator that was looking for a sign, then when I read this it looked as if the whole world just made sense at that moment, it was way cool.
But last of all family, I don’t have much more to say. As the spring breeze kicks in there and the fall breeze kicks in here, I just hope and pray you guys continue to be blessed and watched over by our Heavenly Father and that you can feel always of my love and Gratitude for YOU. I love you guys with ALL my heart and miss you lots too. But I love you with an eternal love and look forward to hearing from you again next week. Have a wonderful day and week.
Love Your son
Bradey Wilde