Monday, May 18, 2009

Just another day in Africa.........

My Dearest family…
I sure hope and pray this letter finds y'all doing great… I wont be getting transferred till June 3 or so, and wont know where until the Saturday before. So ill tell ya when I find out. Just so ya know I don’t have as much time today. We are having a zone pday and having a BBQ and a big dodge ball tournament. Cool huh. So I'm really sorry but I don’t think ill be able to write everyone, so I hope this will be good.
Well…for my scripture for the week, how about Alma 38:1-12, I'm not saying this to shambok, but I just really liked it, I came across it and it tied a lot of scriptures together for me and I just really liked it, of course Alma 26, I do not boast of my self but of my God, and then the next part like in Matthew about where your treasure is, your heart will be also, and something else I liked was refrain from idleness, ha ha, which I just thought of you guys, like dad, brand, Blake, its like ya never stop, just play work, church, play, …. Like I said, making the most of everyday, so I thought that was a cool scripture for the week.
As for experiences this week, there honestly wasn’t much, just a good Ole week of missionary work..lots of really good lessons and a lil tracting, and some good members givin us some solid families to teach, we have a family of three right now that is doing really really good, its so cool to teach a full family. They love coming to church and having us for lessons, the best part is before we even met they were reading the book of Mormon… its so cool. I see great things happening with them, especially with the temple so close here.
As for another cool lil experience, the sister that quit her job to come to church and be baptized is doing really good, she was confirmed this Sunday and said she felt like a whole new person and just felt so happy:o) so cool…. Its so sweet to be able to see the change the gospel has on a person…. Truly amazing.
So that elder anapol wrote me a letter and sent me a sweet talk you should look up. Its called, “lessons from liberty jail ” from elder Holland, its so good. I guess elder anapol has been called to serve in Nauvoo till September as a performer, so it’s a different kind of mission but its still sweet he’s back out serving… hes a good kid…
As for me, I'm once again just doing great… cant complain much… life is good. I do miss you guys so much but know were doing whats best right now, and will have lots of fun and memories to come. And I know y'all are in the Lords hands always… :o) whats better than knowing that. As for something cool, I bought a scripture case made out of buffalo skin and has a Africa carved into it with zebra fur for the background, I think I might buy another one, it was almost 30 dollars tho.. haha. But I like it.
Well guys, I love ya and hope ya enjoy this lil email. The weather is getting colder here, its kinda weird that I'm gonna have a cold birthday. Ha ha. But I hope yall are enjoying the good weather and everything. I sure do love you guys with all my heart and will look forward to hearing from ya. Em sent me lots of pics of the fun weekend and you guys looked so good, I almost teared up seeing the wildeboyz walking across that bridge we were on last year with the boyz and camo hats on… man… haha. Soon enough I’ll be out shooting ya all, ha ha jk…. But really. I love you guys and hope ya have a wonderful week.
Talk to ya soon.
Love, your son, bro and grandson,
Elder Bradey Wilde