Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving on again

My Dearest Mom, Dad, And Family.

Man your emails were so good. I wish I had time to reply to each one. But know I love them. The work has been great this week, and we actually had a baptism this Sunday. So its been really good, and Sunday we had one of the area seventys speak to us again. It was really good. He said 3 goals to make us great members and missionarys for the church is, to pray always, open and close our day at bended knee. Then, read the scriptures, at least 5 min a day. Then lastly and my favorite…. SMILE… that’s what im workin on :o)
Elder Wilde is going to Botshabelo, Bloemfontein its 46 k’s in the free state. They say it’s a full on township and we live in the township. From what ive heard it’s a 2man flat but we have 4 other missionarys stayin within 100 yards. So it should be cool, but we’ll see I will tell ya more next week :o) my companion is Elder Mutua from Kenya and he’s been on mission for 6 months. So im in a young companionship again. So I should be learnin a lot, im a lil nervous but excited too… ive been in village, town, and now township, haha, what else? And yes it’s a really long way from the mission home and office so I probably wont get post very often, but there is a couple missionarys there that are from south Africa but have lived in the states, so it should be good.
Your emails were so good, with the Stripling warriors we actually learned a lot about them in district meeting. Its so cool to apply it to us and missionary work, it sure makes me not feel so afraid thinking about what they did. We also learned a lot about Moroni, how if every man was like him the foundations of hell would be shakin forever. Its so cool to think about. Our district leader is going home and his final words were “in whatever you do, give the devil a reason to fear you, so when he hears Elder Wilde, the foundations of hell shake.” I like the thought.
Well, as for me, im doing good, its weird to think ive been gone 9 months but its going great and soon… haha. We wont think about it. But yeah, its tough sayin bye to people here, the work is just starting to be really on fire here and im leavin, but its good, the next missionarys should reap many seeds. We’ll I guess I better close. You better know I love you with all my heart and pray for you ALWAYS and can feel your prayers and love, I feel so much comfort from my Heavenly Father and will just keep on keeping on. The work is good and im excited to go and learn a whole new culture and place. So ill fill ya in more next week, but I hope you feel a hug from me and feel of my love. You have a wonderful week and ill be talking to ya very soon.
Your son
Elder Wilde