Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just another week of Camping in SA

My Dearest Dad and Mom,
Well, first off, thanks so much for the pictures. They were awesome and the family looked so good, I wished I could be sitting by you guys but yeah, it was just great to see all of you together again in some pictures. It looks like it was a great day and also our sweet dog badger is growning up, I cant wait to play and go hiking and all that good wildeboy stuff.But really thanks a ton for all the pictures, I almost felt as if I was there :o)
Well, as for your questions: I am feeling great, basically 100% sometimes 110% ha ha. As I'm sure all you guys know with working long tough shifts, sometimes we wake up more tired than when we went to bed, and throughout the day it doesn’t go away. The week went great tho, were still kindove adjusting to stuff but from this week its all back to work again. Mom you asked about father let families, ha ha it’s a “key indicator” our pres. Wants us to focus on teaching families, and not just families but FATHER LED families, because really here we could teach sisters (lorato) all day and baptize them, but our president wants a focus on families, they are really hard to find, because the law of chastity is one of the African cultures favorite thing to break, plus since there is a lot of job problems, people find solutions in alcohol and that leads to broken families, so we teach a lot of single moms with a couple kids and they live with their grandmas. So its tough. we do spend a lot of time trying to find fathers and families. Its good, right now we have one very solid FLF. And he is on date for the first week of July. The work in this area is awesome and the members are way cool to, they aren’t afraid to go out with us and teach and give us their friends. Plus we just got a new ward mission leader that just returned from Zimbabwe a week ago and he is way excited, so I'm really excited to see some serious work happen.
The work is great and even when we track we basically get into every house that we knock on, its hard because we have to decide if we should sit and teach or move on. So many people just “love to hear the word of God here.” When they see the name of our savior on our chest they basically give us a seat and let us teach. Its truly amazing. I feel like Ammon serving among such a very humble people that there is so many to at least hear and plant a seed to one day fully receive the gospel.
As for right now I'm still trying to learn the names of people, and our stories are just regular teaching stories, but right now we’ve been teaching a lot of Recent Converts, so its sweet to help prepare them to endure to the end. So its a lot of work we have here and I feel very blessed, we do have one family that was baptized and its just a good ol family, we taught them how to have FHE and even played spoons with them. Ha ha it was so much fun and they just loved having us, they are going to be a very solid family in the church, I think his name is Samuel mdlalosi.
I'm doing great and am just enjoying my time, I cant believe how time is going. I heard a song by Simon and Garfunkel its like “country road, take me home, take me to the place that I belong.” As for a spiritual thing D&C 6:36, and hymn 128, doubt not: fear not, some of my favorite lines, especially out hear serving.
Well, I sure do love you mom and dad with all my heart, and the whole family, I wish I had more time so I could tell ya everything and answer all your questions, but for now I hope this is sufficient for you. And I pray you can feel my love and gratitude. Thinking of ellyce and the sealing was cool, I thought of like dad said, what the sealer said with Blake and em and just stand amazed that I've been so blessed to be apart of this gospel and to be blessed with each one of you. I love you guys and I’ll be talking to ya very soon.
I love you.
Elder Bradey Wilde