Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter in July .......

My dearest Dad and Mom,
How are you guys, from your emails you sound great.
As for questions, the area is … I dunno, I wish I could just show you, its lots of lil houses close together. And since its winter everything has finally died and lost its leaves and the grass is really yellow. so this will be the weirdest july and august of my life probably…. Things are going great and the work is really doin lots better now… its sweet, lots of teaching and we found 9 solid new investigators this week, ones name is Winnie, haha, no joke she is a colored that speaks Afrikaans and is way cool, she fell in love with the book of mormon, and pointed out in the intro how Joseph Smith said ” the book is the most correct book than any on earth” and it was cool cuz most people get mad when they read that but she said its so sweet to see the confidence and knowledge the prophet had in the book to be able to say it… she already has a testimony, ill keep you updated. Mom, I cant believe school is startin so early, yikes, think of this a year from now how will you be feelin :0) and this is the last school year I wont be takin classes.That’s so cool you guys went up on gentry… man, I do miss that. And dad, I sure do hope you had a great fathers day, and I know you were takin care of, and I wont say to much because I started a letter yesterday that will just be for you :0) so I hope that’s ok and that you can wait… cuz I teared up just a lil when you talked about bralin and you and brand playin waffle ball, it really does fill like yesterday that we wildeboyz were doin that.
Well I hope and will continue prayin for Brand and Jac, I sure hope all the doctor stuff goes great and that they continue to be blessed.
And dad, its so true, all missionarys have a hard time, especially at the start, I can say that was defiantly the hardest time of my life, and every once in while we misionarys get a taste of those hard times. So im sure grateful for your prayers and all your love and sacrifices for me.
This week was so good tho, we had zone conference and it was really good, it was all about bettering ourselves and having pure good thoughts and attitudes, it was sweet, I wish I could just teach it all to you. one of the couple missionarys went we went over for snacks on Sunday night said “elder wilde do you always have a smile” haha, it was cool, a good reminder that im still the good ol wildeboy… I used to be, maybe just with a lil more gospel knowledge now.
As for some scriptures, all come from proverbs. 21:19 (if you want a good excuse to leave the house… the scriptures even say so… go to gentry or ferron) 22:1 a good name “wilde” just a thought… 23:7 what we think, what we are, this was a lot of zone conference, its all about being positive and keeping good thoughts.
Well mom and dad, I sure do love you with all my heart, and pray for you always… and hope you have a wonderful week and continue enjoyin the summer. I hope you can feel a sweet hug from me and that all is just great. And I hope you enjoyed my lil email.
I love you with all my heart.