Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me........... Thanks...

My Dearest Dad and Mom,
:0) THANKS SO MUCH for the super sweet birthday present!!! Wow was I surprised when I opened it up and didn’t find Blake's razor or my old watch, but a super nice razor and a super sweet watch that is more than what I wanted, now I have an good alarm clock and everything all built in one (also it has a times zone feature that I can press a button and see exactly what time it is back home, most the time you guys are asleep anyways, I loved it so much, the package was GREAT, Ive enjoyed the candy, cereal, church news, just everything.
Well I hope my next few comments will answer your questions mom and dad, um, transfers are Thursday and I'm STAYIN in dobsonville, its sweet, and my comp is leaving, I'm getting yes… another African comp but guess what he was in my MTC group his name is elder mutisasira from Uganda, hes like 24 and was way smart in the mtc, he stayed in my room, so I'm excited, we’ll see what happens, I should be here for at least 3 more months, maybe 4 and a half. As for other sweet news, I got an update on molepolole, Botswana, they have between 70 – 80 members every week now and the district made tshirts there and put all the names of elders that served there on it, So now I'm famous in Botswana. But the best is a story that made what I'm doing here seem worth it. The couple missionary up there said they went to a fast and testimony meeting and that there was a sweet old man named Samuel that bore his testimony, they said that he sounded like a great member of the church that had been a member for 50 years, but hear is the best part, they said he closed his testimony by saying that “ I had been praying and looking for the true church, and then 2 young missionary's (elder adongo and i) knocked on my door.” Man, Many mighty miracles, I wish I had more time to tell you how we found and taught this sweet old man, but basically, elder adongo and I just decided to knock on 2 doors in the whole area and he was one of them. He was baptised a couple weeks after I left….
So there is my cool story for the week, as for other news, your prayers were answered, I had a great birthday, the package was great, first thing I did was open it, then I studied and just had a great day, elder cunico bought me a sweet soccer jersey. And as for a funny story, what my companion gave me was he ate the chickin feet at our lunch appointment, haha, it still had some feathers on it.. blah, but it was a great day, so thanks so much mom and dad.
I'd like to leave a challenge if you’d like, y'all don’t have to, but I just started the BoM on my B-day and am just studin it everyday taking it slow, only for 15 min or so. So if y'all wanna join me, it might be fun.
As for everything else, the work is great, and its just going to get better!!! I had a good week and love your emails, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I'm lookin forward to talking to ya again soon.
Love your son, Bradey
Elder Wilde