Monday, July 20, 2009

Just chillin in Africa

Bralin on the Trail.
My Dearest Dad and Mom, First I’ll Answer some questions… I'm Doing GREAT this week, super busy, but great, its good to be busy too, time is fl yin. It does get cold but I'm going to buy a jacket probably today, y'all don’t have to worry, I have an extra blanket and its all good, the weather is really nice its just the houses are so cold, so we sleep with hot bottles of water in our beds. Teaching is great. And I'm feeling good:0) summer will start in September. My comp is way cool, since hes from Uganda tho and the other elder is, there is secret combinations going on…(because they are always speaking in Uganda) but its cool, no worries, my comp loves to work hard and is obedient so its great, he is 26 because in Africa if you start college you have to finish so that’s why… Elder cunico from lehi is still with me, he’s cool and we have a good time. We play soccer or something in the mornings to have fun… as for letters don’t worry to much, a package every once in a while is great and good emails… grandma does great with the letters, That’s really cool about Jordan taking the lessons, I sure hope and pray all goes great, I know if its done right, and he wants to know the spirit will take care of everything… I love missionary work……. Things need are....... maybe some pics or something, and maybe some pine brows, jk. Haha. Well some more business, they make lots of Scripture cases and stuff, wildebeest's and elephant and BOMS covered in the same, so if you want let me know and I will get y'all whatever. Check out our mission website, they should have a sweet addition soon. Lastly, I learned a sweet Zulu word that will be the title of one of my emails in about a year, haha. Entabeni- it means “on the mountain” haha speaking of which mom, I think the song your thinking of is one I thought would fit the situation also, “I've never seen beautiful like a journeys end…” haha I sound trunky huh. I'm not tho. :0) the work is amazing here Dad, ill defiantly be looking forward to this trail, I cant imagine one better than we’ve been on already…. Well, I hope you enjoy this lil email, I'm really glad your having such a great summer and time is going for ya, cuz yeah, well make sure next summer is even better haha. We have a sweet guy Cane Mdlalose being baptized this Sunday, he has a son on mission in Nigeria and has been taught by missionary's since 2005, now something changed, I feel it’s the blessing of their son serving. Also Winnie and her granddaughter Maxine are doing great, they love having us over and so things are good. Also a sister Rebbecca that me and elder Graham from Orem tract ed into (he was in the mtc its fun in this area because we do blitz with the mtc elders and get to take them out into our areas for a couple hours) but we just taught her a 5 min restoration and invited her to church and she actually came, and really loved it and were continuing teaching this week. So talk about many mighty miracles our heavenly Father is working in this land. I sure do love you guys and hope you continue to have a great summer and continue fishing and having fun, and telling me. I love the pictures… Thanks so much for all you do mom and dad, I love you and miss you so much, but you guys have a wonderful week, and ill be talking to ya soon. Love your son Elder Bradey Wilde