Thursday, July 30, 2009

mlungu-it means white man, its my name‏

this pic is of that sweet family, and i promise i havent grown another foot it just looks like it
My Dear Dad and Mom,
Wow, sounds like you guys had a great week and that all is going great:0)
Well, honestly, I don’t have to much to tell ya this week, just a GREAT week full of work. how are you guys, I loved hearin all you stories and that you took a break from campin, haha, I was getting pretty jealous, but now im even more jealous of the tribute, I listened to both of their cds this morning and even teared up a lil with the one about joseph and hyrum, man they are so good.
We had a way sweet baptisim, Cane Mdlalose had been taught since 2005 and his son is now o mission and he bore a powerful testimony after his baptism, he said “I wished Dumisani (his son in ghana) could be here, but I know he is bringing the joy and happiness that I feel today, to many families and people.” My heart burned, its so real, and this whole family is now forever changed by this gospel, they have plans for the temple and to be sealed together when he gets home…. It was truly amazing.
As for some fun stuff, im going to play some sand volleyball.
Well mom, if you could get me heaps physical address, I will send them a letter and some pictures, im afraid ive waited to long but I think itll still be good.
I sure do love you so much and just printed off some pictures of you guys at the lake and fourwheelin to ad to my collection. I sure miss you tons…. Its weird to think ive been in AFRICA for almost a year??? Yikes huh…. Its cool tho, I truly do love a lot of the things here (some I dis like) and I can already tell the the rest of my life will be forever changed, haha, I hope I can teach you guys some cool things ive learned.
But as for now, I just hope you have a wonderful week and feel of my love and gratitude for you guys, I really do feel your prayers every second.
Love your son,
Elder Bradey Lee WILDE