Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Huntin in Africa

My Dear Mom and Dad and Family,
Hey so I hope your doing great, im really excited for the Package mom and dad and I Loved the voice mails, they were AWSOME and it was great to hear your voice and whats going on and even Winnie barking, hahaha.
Well guys, as for this week it was pretty rough, but good too…
Just a cool story, sister Winnie who is going to be baptized this month said she’s been feeling like there are evil spirits in her home and has been having lots of bad dreams, even on her street there has been about 10 funerals in the past month, so elder mutesasira and I decided we should dedicate her home, elder mutesa said a beautiful prayer and Winnie has said her home as been peaceful and quiet ever since… it was sweet, she is at peace now and just loves to sit and read the BoM. So there is my cool story, and we found her by what we called inspired tracting, we had free time, prayed for what house to go to, she was one of 2 that we chose and you can see how the lord prepares his children to meet us, she hadn’t been to church and the day we found her she said she had been praying to get back to being spiritual, we walked in while she was reading the bible, she said that is the best thing she could think of doing, pray and reading. So its been really cool to visit with her.
for the bowhunt 1 Nephi 16:14 also there is one in 1 Nephi 17 that says “arise and get thee into the mountain, haha” made me smile a lil
Spiritually mormon 9 : 27 I just liked it, especially with the standard of truth,
Also alma 26:27 this is my scripture for the week, I love a quote from joseph smith “I made this my rule: When the lord commands, DO IT.”
i really hope that waht you said about the rm in julies ward can be said about me, "what an accomplishment" and tell granma thanks for that great prayer...
Well, you wanted me to tell you about the area, its very famous and nelson mandelas old house is in our area, Look Soweto up on the internet and you’ll see a lot, there is so much history here and it’s the most famous township in Africa. I would take more pictures to send home but it’s a lil scary carring a camera on a bike, we get the car one day a week so ill get some pics for yall, but its basically lots of houses close together and there is always someone burning trash somewhere, its funny. The houses are small, some areas are squatter camps, where its just houses made out of anything you can find with tires and stuff holding the roofs on, we don’t do much work in there unless there are referrals… lets just say ill have some good stories to tell ya in about a year…. But the area is sweet and everyone is not white, the lil kids are the best, I love them so much, we always play soccer in the street with them and do magic tricks and stuff, then there are the really drunk baba’s (old men) that are stubling around all day, even at like 10 in the morning, but the best is that everyone is super friendly and always says hi to the malungu and lastly if you can try and look up house music, its basically just weird techno bass stuff, and that is blaring out of almost every third house, so you can imagine how weekends are here, don’t worrie tho, were smart and we are safe. The work is deffinatly improving a lot tho, its sweet.
Well guys I have to draw this to a close, I sure do love you and hope all of you have a great week. But really happy bowhunt and happy birthday dad, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and know your lil bro, son, is praying for you and thinking of you over here in Africa, I sure do love you and miss each one of you,
Elder Bradey Wilde.
ps the weather is really nice, i havent been cold for a while now, it actually is already gettin hot, and thanks for the update on the yankees, thats so sweet!!! i always give my misson pres a hard time for bein a boston fan.