Friday, August 21, 2009

Bowhunting in Africa

Dear Mom, Dad, and My dear bowhunting brothers and family,
haha, well first off, dad and blake, Brandon, I totally understand and am happy that you weren’t able to email me, that’s what I was hoping for, that your having a great time “and cannot come down” as pres ukdorf would say, haha. But really I know you love me and I sure hope your enjoying the good ol bowhunt knowin next year ill be there!!! :0)
to answer some quick questions mom, transfers are next week, news is on Saturday im GREAT this week the only one that might go is elder kinto and as for today we might go to a traditional Africa party (lds style(that means no ancestral worship haha) ) but they will slaughter a sheep and have a big feast, I dunno yet tho… it would be fun. Sister Winnie… wow, we had a movie night at the church and watched the testaments and it went great, Winnie loved it and the spirit had the same effect if not more on her than that like everyone else, she cried through it… but it was great she will have her interview tonight and should be baptized this SUNDAY!!! :0) so if that’s the case my heart will be brim with joy! Her granddaughter Maxine is doing great too, man, she is understanding the Bom better than some missionaries and has incredible insights. She has to wait at least 3 months tho because she is only 13. But what was even more cool is we went on exchanges with our zone leaders, I went with elder nelson, he’s way cool, and we worked in town (flordia and roodeport) but what was the best is that not only did I get to drive a lil diesel truck (which I want to look for when I get home, it’s a lil 4 cylnder diesel and gets as good as gas milege as a car… its so sweet) but we checked on a referral and it was winnies niece and lil sister! Haha I walked in the door and was like do I know you? So that was really cool, elder nelson said he will probably put them on date next time they see them…
mom, I enjoyed your insight from the bom, as I was reading that I even thought “hey I bet this is how my mom feels :0) ” haha, so I really liked it if you want you can read my patriacle blessing and see how that applies.
As for some insights from me : in gospel principles we learned about how the family can be eternal which is one of my most favorite topics! There was a quote by a prophet that said “the most important of the Lords work you will do, will be the work you do within the walls of your own home.” It was a great lesson and I just really enjoyed thinkin about all of us… ill let you ponder that.
Also I enjoyed 1 nephi 17: 21 (dads advice) don’t look back. Make a decision and go with it, I applied it to mission, but we see how lamen and lameul look back and get depressed and mad thinkin of the could of’s and would haves, but if we just look forward and rely on the lord, the only reason to look back is to smile and remember precious memories.
So there is my teachings haha.
Well as for me, not much more to say im doing great here and the work is also. So its sweet! Rollin up on a year which is cool too… but the only problem, I almost want to fly home and punch those duche bags from magna in the face!!! Seriously tho… I will pray for some deer to attack them… im sorry about that… but really… what duches, dad, I hope youll still want to take me up on gentry when I get back… man…
But fam… I gotta get goin on this party day, good luck on the rest of the bowhunt and I hope school and things all go great, know your wildeboy here loves you guys so dang much and miss you tons, so just keep on keepin on and know ill be thinkin and prayin for you as I labor here in the lords vineyard.
I love you guys so much and hope you have a WONDERFUL week.
Love your son, brother, and grandson, and …
Elder Bradey Wilde