Sunday, November 22, 2009

Letters from Bradey

My Dearest Mom and Dad,
So I want to take care of some business first this time… We will have to probably talk more on Christmas… but we went shopping today and I bought a way sweet nativity, its just one piece of wood carved into the nativity, and I also bought another one that is 10 different lil wood carved pieces, its not as nice, but it was the only two styles they had so I got one of each, also, the one piece is way to heavy to send home so it will be 9 months probably. I also bought a way sweet chess set that’s carved out of stone, so I think you’ll like it, haha nerdy I know… and then mom, I got an eternal family with mom and dad and 3 kids. Its small but sweet, I wll try and get them home in a package. So now just let me know what else, there is tons of animal skins, lil rock or wood carvings, the animals that hold up a set of books… and lots of necklaces and bracelets, we’ll be going back in three weeks, and if you want any animal skins and wood masks or drums, or even a lil Noah's ark. Anyways let me know. Its all not to expensive either.
Well, some stories for the week… We helped sister Winnie make some chicken intestines, you can imagine. Speaking of making food, I'm the official breakfast maker of the flat… haha omelets or French toast every other morning, haha. So dad… just trying to follow your footsteps. Also as for a funny story: we went into the library here in saulsville looking for Tosca who ditched our appointment, and we walk into the study room and found about 1000 eyes (500 black people) looking at the to white men… haha, I gave them the shap (thumbs up) and they just stared and turned the pages of their books, it was the most awkward feeling I’ve ever had… haha. You can imagine… I also broke mission rules this week… well not really me, but I was forced to haha. So now that your worried. We have been teahing two lil twin boyz tiego and tisetso, who stay with their grandma Peggy, and their mom stays about 30 min away in mamalodi. She was at our appointment and we had last time givin her a bom, so when she saw us this time, she came up and just gave us a big hug and then she kissed our cheek. Haha, she was so excited… it was funny, usually the kisses we get are from old go go’s or drunk baba’s. As for spiritual, we had a great talk on the temple and atonement yesterday, I really enjoyed the quote “we come to church Sunday to learn of Jesus Christ, but in the temple we come to know him face to face.” And the best lesson was with Remember and Chris or Godwin and Priscilla, time is short so I will have to tell you next time tho… they are doing really good tho.We also played baseball/cricket in the street this week, it was so funny to have all the lil kids laughing and screaming. Mom, that was scary about the snow storm, I'm glad prayers are being answered. E. Rod and I are together until at least after Christmas… WOOO!!! That’s so cool what your doing for Christmas, and I should be getting that other package when the missionary's come back from transfers. So mom, and dad, I hope you enjoy this lil note and that you have a wonderful week, I pray our Heavenly Father will continue to guide your every Footstep… I sure love you guys… and will talk to ya soon
Love your son
Elder Bradey Lee Wilde.