Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from South Africa

My Dearest Mom and Dad,

WOOOO!!!! I received a SUPER SWEET package this week and I'm going to have a Great thanksgiving, they don’t celebrate it here, and I'm not in an area with couple missionary's so we will be on our own for thanksgiving, but with the sweet package you sent, we’re going to have cake at night and probably buy a chicken dinner at kfc. Ill let ya know, but it sounds like you have a great week planned… so keep me posted.

That was sweet to hear about Austin and also that Danette is doing good. And also that the whole family is doing well, its cool to think in a couple transfers I should be hearing really good news about a new lil niece…

So mom and dad, the package was so sweet, I'm truly grateful, it carried so much love to me here in Africa, you don’t even know, the ring fits perfectly mom, and all the candy and really good cereal was just perfect too… Ive already started to enjoy it lots. All the church news are good to, I've been reading em lots. The Reese's pieces are the best and I have been snacking on those lots… the ricks study reference book was so sweet, I'm already using it lots… I cant believe I didn’t study more back home…but anyways its just so nice to have some normal stuff to eat… but mom, grandma was asking for some ideas, if she is still sending something some vitamins, socks, and more contact solution would be great, if not, its no problem. I'm very well set. So thank you so very much. I WISH I COULD TRULY TELL YOU… so I will when we talk in a few weeks.

I'm putting together a small package for you guys… so we’ll see, it just has a couple lil things in it. Mom, get a nice ipod, and for the wii, ask dad, haha, you know I think it’d be fun… but I should’t have to much say…

So as for some stories, first off, it was really sad to hear about Pres. Blackburn, especially after talking with him so much when he worked on my toes about mission, its really weird to think about, but I'm glad to hear the family is doing well, if you get a chance send my regards… I will keep them in my prayers… Something tho, elder rod and I talked for about an hour Friday night just about death and looked through scriptures and stuff, and it was just a really good study, I found a quote that basically says that death is just as necessary as birth is in this Great plan of God. And that its just another step onto the way to Eternal life… and Rod shared how peaceful and comfortable it would be to shake off a body that has pain and age in it. So its cool to think how we talked about it and then I hear this today, not that its bad, but anytime we hear of a friend or really anyone passing on its pretty darn tough, so im greatful for the knowledge our Heavenly Father has blessed us to have…

On to a lighter note, The work is Going absolutely Great this week, things just continue to progress, the Holidays are throeing a wretch into things but its good, we helped a family prepare for a party, and rod and I grated tomato's, like 100 or so, haha, it was so funny to have all the Go’go’s laughing at the white guys doing women's work… haha. They loved it tho. As for a funny story, we had a lady feed us liver and potato's, hahaha, liver blah, but the funny part was while we were eating, after about the second bite, I see rod look at me like “what is this” so I turn to sister Peggy and ask “this is liver right? (bcuz I've had it before and I did’t like it)” haha, she nodded her head and I see rod shiver thinking he has to finish his plate. Haha, he just shook his head at me and after said “you couldn’t wait until after we were done to ask that…” haha we both laughed about it tho. So there is a fun story. (yes I struggled to finish my plate too, but we both did.) this lady who fed us dinner is bringing lots of people to church so its so sweet.

Well, anyways there was lots that happened this week but I guess you'll have to wait and well go through my journal sometime, I'm already out of time. But mom and dad, I sure love you with all my heart and pray you guys continue to be guided in our heavenly fathers hands… thanks again so much for that sweet package… you guys are truly the best, and Elyse said something I really liked “its sure great that families are eternal huh” and its true, with that ill close.
I love you and miss you so much,
Talk to ya soon
Elder Bradey Wilde :0)