Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 Months Left,,,, Can you believe it?

My dearest Mom and Dad,

First off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I sure hope you have a great one and it sounds like you guys had a great family party. I’m glad to hear its warmin up a lil. And thanks for the talk, the lil I read sure helped already. So ill answer your questions first. (plus not to much happened this week to talk about.)As for the package, I received the very sweet one from grandma and it was SWEET!!! So be sure to give her a big hug and thanks from me, and to tell The lundskog fam thanks for the sweet shirt too :0) but the package had everything I need, so im sittin very well. So anything you think of would be great, some pics would be nice;0) things are good here tho… so mom, you talked of the dump day package, haha thrunky??? Me too occasionally, I will honestly say, that gets me through the tough days sometimes, knowin in a short while…. Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the work, But in the dump day package some more contact solution would be nice, just to be safe, I have 1 full bottle from grandmas package and also have about 1/3 bottle left. So don’t worrie till then. I was offered a big worm to eat but saved it and have it wrapped up to bring to you guys haha. I couldn’t eat it, it just smelled like grass. But im pretty sure ive eatin much worse, ha… I wear a 7 ¼ hat size.
So I hope that answers all. If not… next week. So dad, I really enjoyed your quote, its true too, sometimes were hard on ourselves, expecting to be perfect now, but that’s what this life is for… workin on perfection. So as we do our best I’ve learned the lord is pleased. A quote I really like is from the Late Elder wirthlin, “we are created as much out of the dust of eternity as we are out of the dust of the earth, and with that we have potential we can hardly imagine.” And one from the last mission conference I really liked from pres monsen “find joy in the journey for you only get to take it once.” And the one from me this week “keep things around you that make you smile, for you can get through anything in this ol life with a smile…”
So those are my thoughts, along with 1 ne 9: last verse
I really don’t have any stories for you this week, just broadly its been cool to see how the Lord is blessing us with solid new investigators, it seems like everyone we teach just leads us to someone else, I feel pretty dang blessed to be here… I still love relating things to baseball and hunting, we went on exchanged twice this week and it was way sweet, I learned a lot and had a stroger desire to just play ball, quit worri’n about lil things, just step out on the field and play with all my heart, leaving it all out there. Its like here when you worrie about the small lil things is like when you get up to bat thinking about are my feet right, my elbow down, whats he going to throw… it doestn work, just step up, relax and hit what comes at ya, if he beens you, smile, maybe wink at him, and then make him pay….
Godwin and pricilla continue to do great, they are workin for the temple now, they introduced us to his brother malvin who is less active, and his wife is not a member, we taught the restoration to her and she loved it, and then wathched the dvd of the restoration and they loved it too... so we'll see what the lord has in store.

So mom, happy birthday, tell beemer too. I sure love you guys and will deffinatly talk to ya soon. Have a wonderful week and know your son loves you and prays for you always, and im doing really good, so don’t worrie, just enjoy the warmth as it comes and this lil journey in our lifes. I love you.
Your son.
Elder bwilde