Monday, March 9, 2009

I would that ye should do that which is good, that it may be said of you, and also written, even as it has been said and written of them.

My dearest mom and dad and family:)
First of all, those pictures were so awesome, it looks like there has been a lot of dang good work going on around the house. Ha-ha, I bet Beemer loves that sweet swing in the back and Winnie is so spoiled. Ha-ha.
Well I thought I'd start with a lil sweet story, it trunked me a lil but it was so dang good. So we had a lunch appointment at the bishops house and it was like the best food I've had in South Africa, real lasagna and stuff. But anyways, the bishop gets out a guitar and starts singing I'm a Child of God. And I'm like woo. Not really excited. But then he starts to sing “Welcome to my world” and he has a way good voice. Ha-ha, so I started singing along and felt like I was riding around up on gentry. Man, we probably sang Jim Reeves together for like 20 minutes. Ha-ha. He was surprised I knew such good tunes and I was like hey, don’t you know who I am, I'm a wildeboy and I was raised very well, ha-ha, he was like I can see. So it was an awesome day yesterday, oh, what made it even more awesome was we had a baptism. It was a 19 yr old boy that knows so much about the gospel but was scared to get baptized, he wanted to wait a couple years or so. And we just talked to him and taught him about the sacrament and he was baptized. The coolest thing was that in his testimony he said “I've been catholic all my life, I've gone to many churches searching for that truth I was missing, and the first time I came to this church, I just knew it was right, the spirit was there, and I know what I did today IS RIGHT.” He has also talked about serving s mission as soon as he can. He is way cool. His name is Ivan.
TRANSFER NEWS: I am staying here… I will be getting a new companion, I was in the MTC with him. His name is Elder Dal’Main, I think he is from Africa but he is white. Elder Fischer is getting a new companion also, he is Elder Foreman from St George, he is one transfer older than me, so we basically have the youngest flat in the mission. Sweet huh. Hahahah. I'm a lil nervous about taken over the area but it should be good, the Lord will help me.
Well my fav scrip for the week is Helaman 5:7-9. its so good. I don’t have much else to say, sorry, this week hasn’t had much news, I'm doing great and the work is great too. We have met so many people that seem to be elect. Like one guy said to us, its in your hands, I want to change my life, the day you see me praying, is the day you’ll see me baptized, so we taught him how to pray, and he has been praying on his own trying to build confidence to pray in front of people.
Well mom and dad, I love you guys so much. I can feel so strong of your love and prayers, I love your emails so much and pray all the time for you. I feel so blessed.
I'm doing great and look forward to hearing from you each week. I love you with all my heart and miss you tons to. As Blake would say, May the wind always be at your back gently pushing you along and the sun always shining gently on your face.
I love you
Your son